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Oh Michelle!! That looks really painful!! I hope you're not suffering too much. Get better soon!
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Lauren: WHY do you have snowmen on your ticker? Guuurlllll.....snow? BLECH!!! NO NO NO NO! LOL ;-) Yeah, the leafblower thang. I have one...but it doesn't do much for the wet leaves unfortunately. BTW, it took me FIVE HOURS of constant raking (I have huge blisters) to get it all done (plus clean the gutters)!!! I bagged up 25 bags! Horrific fun that was.... Hey, how are you doing with the new house? Any new projects underway? I'm sure I've missed a LOT!

Lisa: Yeah, unfortunately only one of my trees has lost most of its leaves...the one in front is only 1/2 done....which means about 20 more bags for me! Grrrr...

Sheila: Hot diggity dog w/extra Coney sauce I'm proud of you chicka! ;-) No, let's not wait a month...let's celebrate NOW!

BJ: Hey daddie! Sorry I didn't wish you a good one! Hugs & Licks 2u!!!

Joan: Wow, that sounded yummmmmmy what you called me...I think I have taught you well young Jedi! How are things with YOUR house?

Karen K:Thanks for the warm welcome "home!" I am dying to see these pics. How fun!!!

Someone was asking about Alicia-I know I saw her online "over there" today and I know she's been posting to me over there pretty regularly (maybe she posted here today too and I missed it)...where was she going on her trip?

Roo-Roo: HEY. I don't care WHAT you're working on strappin' stallion....I need you HERE! NOW! Hugs to you tiger!


Can anyone tell me if Tina or Michelle B have been around at all since my days MIA???

Christina: Sorry about the weekend sweetie. I know how much you look forward to those only to have frustration! U know I love you bunches...though that doesn't add up to much in the overall scheme of things!

Hanner Nanners: YOU, young lady need to treat yourself @ least once per week I've decided. Yup, to a spa, the tanner...a gooey dessert. SOMETHING....I mean, everyone knows I believe you are next on God's SAINT LIST...but that is years and years and years and years from now. Please give yourself a hug from me everyday and remember I said to take care of yourself! You have too much pressure on you!

Michelle: You'd better be telling the truth about how that happened! If someone ever thinks about hurting you I'm pickin' up BJ and we're coming there to kick some serious arse! That is something I will not allow!!! Love you!

Ok all, I'm finishing up dinner and then it's off to the couch to veg out watching Law & Order before I turn in....I'd turn in now but the sheets are in the friggin' dryer still.

Love, MO

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Just a quick hello to everyone.

And a feel-better wish for Michelle. Boy, I thought I was clumsy! How scary to wake up in the hospital. At least you weren't alone and you are relatively OK. Take care.

Have a great rest of the week!

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hey all..everyone's been busy here. Works been ok. Was slow most of the day but then got busy the last 2 hrs...oh well go figure.

michelle - hope you're ok
mo - yep loved my pony riding..and he's still at my sis's. I wish i could get him up here.

alright all...nothing really exciting to report.
bye all
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hi everyone!

John Happy birthday! the party sounds like it was a lot of fun! good for you!

Lauren congratulations on the loss of 10!!! yeah!!! How exciting to host Thanks giving! are you doing all the cooking? How is your mom doing? I don't know yet if we are having Thanks giving here, we always do, but this year I don't know if mom and dad are coming, mom has been saying she is not sure if she is going to be able to come or not, depending how she feels. It would be totally weird if we don't have them over. Michael usually BBQ's the turkey, yummmm!

Michelle oh my! you poor thing, it looks horrendous, I am so glad you are OK! I want to say thank you to your husband and of course to you too, my very good friend is a marine's (Lt. Cornell) wife, I know how difficult it must be for you too!

Sheila so good to see you back, I know what you mean about being so busy

GG how great you were able to spend time w/sister and pony, good for you! I am assuming your grandpa is still hanging in there?

Kerri how is the new place? is the roommate working out? I hope so

Christina I wish you the best w/Dominic, I hope things turn for him soon!

Melinda my sweet pumpkin pie topped w/whipped cream you were a busy bee this weekend, good for you, you got a lot done!

Lisa congratulations on the 3 Lbs. loss, that is great! you have been working really hard, happy birthday to your mom!

Pam you have been a very busy bee to, all that cleaning, no I wouldn't do cleaning for anyone else! LOL.

Joan you have a great hubby! wow 22 mile!!!

Hi Karen, I love the line about the trash, I am usually the neighbor they ask about the trash days, I hate having the trash cans out in front of the house and realize later pick up is not till next day, I am pretty good about that, how anal can I be? LOL. Alex sounds so cute! Are you going to sign him up for karate again, I think I remember you saying you were going to wait?

scrappinRN it does take a little time to get to know everyone, you are sure motivated! good for you!

Well today was kind of lazy around here again, Michael got up this morning and was not feeling well at all, I am so glad he stayed home, it is very rare for him to miss work, he really didn't feel good. But he did get up w/Sean early, he said Sean came into the room at 6:30 am, I didn't even hear him, I would had gotten up if I knew Michael was not feeling well. I didn't get out of bed till 10:30 I feel pretty guilty, but Michael said not to worry if he needed me up he would have called me. I had a relaxing first part of the day, had my and that kind of thing. I weight myself and I am down to 110 Lbs.!!! I finally decided to clean the pantry and organize it, it was a mess after having my in-laws here (cause of the fires) and oh my G-d I can't believe how messy it got. do you remember the tooth paste I found under my sink? like a lot of it? well today I was looking in a drawer for some batteries and I found a stash of tooth paste coupons, I have no clue what is DH's thing with toothpaste, we don't need more than 8 tubes at once, I don't think
You guys know how difficult it has been w/Sean and all the problems w/have w/his health and behavior, I don't like to pat my self on the back, not at all, but this evening after he went to bed I told Michael I swear we are going straight to heaven, it was really a difficult day w/him absolutely everything we told him about anything turned into a huge argument or fight, my head is still spinning! LOL.
I am going to go take a hot bath and go to bed, I'm drained!

I will see you guys tomorrow!
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Oh my, after reading the weekend post you guys got me wanting a cup of coffee. Luckily for me I do not have a coffee pot. Or I would be drinking coffee at 11pm at night. But tomorrow when I get to work it will be my first priority!

Pam, just curious how long it takes to walk 2.5 miles on the treadmill?

Michelle that looks awful, I am sure you will be in some pain, get better soon.

Lauren congrats on the weight loss, are you working out or just eating better?

Joan, how was the movie?

Chrisitna, sorry about your boys. Hope lil mario feels better. Do you see Dominic every weekend?

John, happy late birthday. Hope it was great.

Welcome scrappinrn!

Hey Hanna, MO, GG, Karen, Lisa, Sheila and anyone I missed.

Well got home a few hours ago. DS is still up and WOUND up, its almost 11pm. I hope he doesn't give me trouble in the am. Visited with DH in Charlotte. We looked at a few houses. There is one we are hoping for but don't wanna say to much and jinx myself. I had planned to go to Florida to visit my Aunt for Thanksgiving but after driving this weekend I don't want to think about it. She wants DD to drive down with my cousin and I don't want to spend a holiday without DD. So I don't know what I'm going to do. I don't even want to think about packing everything up either.

Oh and eating was awful. Eating out all weekend. Haven't gotten on the scale and don't know if I want to.

I was gonna say everyone have a great Monday, but tomorrow is Tuesday so...Have a great Tuesday everyone.
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Hanna, we were posting at the same time. The toothpaste coupons, is very funny. Didn't you throw out DH's favorite shirt a few months ago too. I always get myself in trouble when I clean.
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