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Hanna ~ whereever you are, I pray that you are safe. How scary...

Hi Kerry ~ it's good to have you back.

Lauren ~ I made a HUGE salad and a pan of pecan gooey butter bars. It's the same recipe for a regular gooey butter cake but instead of a yellow cake mix, you use a box of butter pecan. Sprinkled pecans are on top. It is DEADLY and was always a hit at the kid's old school. Naturally, not enough people volunteered (surprise, surprise) so everyone was asked to double up on the food.

Poor Sheila:-(. You are such a good mom. Moms always want to fix things and make it all better... DS will have to learn the hard way and that just totally sucks.

Hi Chrissy ~ I do the same thing. I figure that a homemade baked good has to be better for the kids than all of that bought crap. Unfortunately, I love the homemade stuff just as much as they do... I had to laugh last week when one of my daughter's friends were here. My Annie automatically reached for the homemade cookies and the little girl asked if it was near Christmas. She only gets homemade stuff at Christmastime LOL.

Alicia... well, truth is, I tell myself that it isn't real too. Doesn't work for me though;-). It's sad when my kids are braver than I am... Hooking up with a walking buddy is a great idea ~ good for you.
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Just wanted to stop by and say Hello on this fine Monday. I just joined last week so it might take me a few days to post as offten as I can.

I am looking forward to the support and friendship I can make here.

I try to get out and walk every day if the weather is nice. I still need help with me eating. Any help would be great.
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hi everyone!
We are still home the news just announce that the residents of Discovery Hills (where we live) are free to return home. For now we are here, we decided not to leave, we could see the flames earlier on the top of the hills but it was a good distance from our house, and we were affraid to go anywhere, traffic is really backed up and the air quality is terrible. We are here until further notice.
Joan we live in San Marcos, CA north east San Diego we are about 1 mile away from Cal State San Marcos.

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Hanna, how scary! Glad you're safe for now!

Jessie, Welcome! (If I didn't already say that!)

Joan, there's not chocolate in that, huh? I'd be safe with them! Not too big on gooey, nutty stuff.

Hi Alicia, Chrissy, Sheila!

I forgot to take my drugs this AM...feeling pretty miserable right now. Thank goodness the day is pretty much over.
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Just a quick posting as I am at the library and don't have much time allowed. I have moved into the new place and it was quite a squeeze to get all of my stuff into one little room. Well, at least it's clean and safe. I had to move all of my stuff by myself out of one basement and into another. Jeez...you'd think my rear would have just fallen off with all of those stairs. took me 2 days (after working), but it's done. The house I am at does not have internet or cable so I am pretty limited. Am seeing about getting it hooked up. The owner doesn't have a problem with it, she just doesn't live there, so doesn't need it. Don't know if I can afford it or not though. We'll see.
I go back to Phx on Friday for 4 days. Lots of work ahead, but at least I can see DH. I miss him soo much; I think my heart is permanently cracked. We are also getting a new computer system at work in 2 weeks, so lots of training and learning for that. Never thought stress could dampen my appetite. But I force myself to eat now.

Hanna - I sure hope you can stay in your home. I really feel for you. What a nightmare of a year for you! Hang in there.

Joan - Didn't read all the posting about the haunted house, but all I know is the last time I went to one about 20 years ago, I ended up running like a screaming banshee to the exit. Then I fell out into the street (Downtown StL) crying hysterically. I was in high school. I love horror movies though. Go figure. I guess I just can't take it up close and personal.

Well all...have a great week or maybe two until I get back to check in.

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hey alll...work was insane today. one petnurse was sick, making me only have one petnurse and we only had one receptionist. It was flipping insane. Barely made it and at the end of the day we really didn't do much (production wise) but is was just we were running around because we were short staffed. But i survived. Sorry to hear about the fires in cali. I hope hannah, you make it through ok. And i thought our drought was bad. Now don't get me wrong, i was excited when i saw rain today (first time in about 4 months)...but we definately need wayyyy more. They predict that if we don't get a lot of rain soon..we'll be out of water for the city of atlanta by the end of dec. But i guess at least we could alway buy water.

hannah - glad to hear you got moved...sorry things are tight.

hey there newbies...welcome

sheila and christina..i think you both are doing great jobs.

kar - seems like lately all you and your hubby ever do is fight. ever thought about counseling? hope things get better

joan, laurne, lisa, bj, everyone else - hey there
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GG: Thanks I needed that! You too Joan

Hannah: I am glad you are ok. We are still missing a few california girls that are from that area arn't we?? Just wondering how everyone is.
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good evening...

sheila: mario is not dominics dad..he has been in dominics life since he was 4 but dominic has a relationship with his father...if that makes sense..but, our relationship is somewhat strained right now because of all this because mario refuses to go to counseling with us...he said this weekend he will go so we'll see...the problem is that if mario doesnt go the whole time dominic is in the program then dominic wont be allowed to return home...in marios defense i dont think he knew that till this weekend when i was mad and told him what i thought...so ask me how our relationship is in a few months..my answer may be different (better i hope) ;}

joan: thank you!...hope the teachers loved the food brought to them..that is very generous of you all

gg: thank you...i too needed that..so many people are quick to judge..i hate it cause no one knows unless you've been there...its like im some horrible person cause my son is where he is but what they arent taking into consideration is where would he be now or in the future if he wasnt in a place like he is..ya know...anyways...thanks so much it means alot...sorry you had such a busy day...get some much needed rest

lauren: i got a new job not too long ago at a birth center...we see patients from the time they come in for their ob care, for their birth and all postpartum care...we even do the babies first few well babies if they dont have a ped yet...i love it

kerry: dominic will be in probably till around july of 2008..he went july 2007 and alot of the time they have to be there is dependant on their age..the older kids not as long as the younger ones...dominic being 16 is one of the younger ones...so he will be there at least a year...there is another part of the program after the year that is a 6 month commitment...he may go there, he can choose to go there if he wants and he will be able to, or the judge may order it...we'll see...but he is close enough by...im ok with it..he is doing great!

kerri: glad to see you...i hope you are doing alright..i think about you often...check in more if you are able..hang in there!

hanna: girl dont be a warrior...if that fire gets too close you get out... a bunch of firefighters left from here to go there sunday night and then i heard a ton more went this morning...stay safe!...keep us updated

alicia/jessie/john/rx...everyone else......HI!
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