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Default 30 Somethings Chat Fri. Oct. 19th

Morning all!!!

Well, I finally lost a pound!!! Whoop-de-doo!! Hopefully I won't find it again next week....

Gotta go put DS on the bus...Hope you all have a super Friday...GG have fun with DH!!

Talk later!


BTW...Laurie...couldn't add you on myspace..is your address correct??
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morning all. Thanks pam, i think it will be nice to get out of town and see some friends. We are still trying to make friends here so it will be nice to see old friends.

other than that..i got a few errands to run today...just waiting for the horrible atlanta traffic to clear up some, then i have to run to work today. It's my mentor, Dr. Inniss, last day and we have to transfer the controlled substances to my name...were suppose to do it Wed but there was an emergency at another clinic and he had to go to the other clinic. There's talk in the rumor mill that once i've been at Banfiled for a year, i might be recommended for Chief of staff. That would be cool. It means more responsiblitly but also a nicer pay check LOL. I'm not quite sure yet though...since i don't know what would happen if down the road, i decide to have kids. Since i think if i have kids and we can swing it..i only want to wokr 2-3 days a week. Don't really want to miss my child growing up. But really kids won't be in the pic for at least 2-3 yrs. So we'll see. A pay raise would be nice so i could keep my pony here in Atlanta. (:

Hope everyone has a GREAT Friday. TGIF Big time!
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Morning all i know i havent posted had the week of ****
yes im still working out and such havent lost anything
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Hi 30-somethings! I'm crashing your group! Since I can't submit my bio yet I'll give you a little glimpse of me ...

I'm 38 years old...live in California with my DH, 1 1/2 -year old DD, and our 2 dogs. I work p/t as a pediatric Occupational Therapist, and do some cake decorating on the side. I love being a mom and want to lose weight to be a good role model for my kids, and just be healthier and have more energy! I would also like to take off 20 lbs. before I get pg with our next (and last) baby...possible happening around March-ish of next year. Not gittin' any younger ya know!

I've battled my weight my whole life. My highest was 209, and my lowest adult weight was 161, right before my wedding. After marriage I got lax on my eating and exercise routine...and started my cake decorating hobby and put the weight back on, then came baby. I've taken off 30+ lbs. over the past 1 1/2 years, but have really been stuck going up and down between 171 - 178 for many months. When I lost my weight the first go around, these numbers were my plateau then too. My body likes 175-ish. I don't.

I have mostly done WW over the years, and have grown complacent with going to meetings and having the same leader. She's 80 yrs. old and is somewhat repetitive with her discussions. Living rurally, I have one other meeting in the next town over that I'm changing to this next week. The other issue with meetings right now is that I have to take my DD, and most of the time I spend managing her, entertaining and trying to keep her from distracting others so then I can't listen and don't get anything out of the meeting. Hopefully soon DH will switch his work schedule so mommy can have her time!

Enough about me! Glad to be here! Hope to get to know you all better!
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hi everyone !
Happy Friday!

Pam congratulation on the loss of 1 LB.

GG sound great to have time w/dh! the job opportunity sound like the perfect thing for you, you are a very neat gal, I hope you get it!!!

John thank you for your reply, I think you are very right about DH holding back at home, it make sense. thanks

Amy!!! where in CA. are you, I am in San Marcos.

Michelle good to see you, how are things going for ya?

Sheila how is your DD?

Things are slowly going back to normal here at home, Sean is in school and I am just taking it one hour at a time, there is so much to take in, I am not comfortable right now w/anything. I am extremely scared. I am assuming it is normal. My therapist is out of town till next week, can we say that sux!!!
I hope everyone have a wonderful weekend.


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Welcome Amy!
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Ive been thinking so much about you. I hope you are OK. I am sure you are just taking it slow. Hard to imagine what a scare that must have been for you. I will be praying for you. Hoping they find out what the issue was.

Joan, hey there girl. Hows it going? I never did ask....How was the girls weekend? Did you do some fun stuff? Bella and I do that alot when Mark travels Bella and I paint toenails and have wine (and grape juice) and watch movies...so fun!!

GG, ya I can see the dilemma...to take the job and then ask for way less hours later would be difficult. How quickly are u 2 going to try to have kids? In the next year, 2 years....I think it would depend on how long it would be. If you took it and got preggers a few months later and wanted less hours that would aggravate them I think but situations change for everyone. If you took it and had a baby 3 years later, I think they would understand about u wanting less responsibility. Its not like you wouldnt be there to train and help your replacement (which saves them lots)...

Goddess _ Week from ****? Do tell...Its what we are here for. Good for u staying on track. Give yourself a giant pat on the back. OK I DIDNT MEAN FOR ALL THAT TO RHYME. Im not friggin Dr. Suess.

Pam- Good for you- a pound is a pound is a pound...I think my email should be [email protected] on there...

WELCOME AMY!! We are here for you, girl!!
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Amy, welcome to you!!!

Hanna, hope Sean is doing well. Will DH be home with you this weekend, or will he be working? I would be scared also.

Joan, I think you had asked about DH, if he would consider meds. No. He doesn't believe in counseling either, especially for himself. Did you decide on the laser surgery? I couldn't remember.

Hey to everyone else!

Well, I exercised a few days this week. Yesterday I gave myself the day off. Today DD and I both woke up late. Had to drive her to school. So I didn't have time today yet. I have been eating pretty good. Today I will weigh in. I've been weighing in the afternoon, so I will again today.

I don't know if I mentioned that I was planning on finishing college? I am almost finished. Well, I applied to a local University...yesterday I got my acceptance. I am so bummed. Now with the move and all it is going to be put off at least another semester or another year. Amy it's funny you are an Occupational Therapist because I was trying to get into their Grad program for OT.

I don't have any plans this weekend so I'm sure I'll be back around. Hope that everyone has a great weekend.

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Hey gang! I haven't forgotten ya'll, I just have been soooo off schedule the past couple weeks it has been crazy! The Elliott Yamin concert was AWESOME & I got to meet him, which was the best!
Started babysitting 2 girls longer hours, which has really got my life topsy tervy! ROFL Only for the next week or so, then it goes back to normal. WHEW. Ended up gaining 4 pounds last week, but it was from lack of water intake & not eating ENOUGH...go figure. I have managed to lose 2 of them already & plan to lose the additional 2 & more hopefully by weigh in on Monday. I am tryin to get my routine back. It is hard to get back on track when thrown for a loop! lol Well, for me anyway. Hope everyone is having a great day!
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Hanna- Glad I could help. I can't figure out women even with a detailed map and GPS. However I know a thing or 2 about men

Hi Amy and welcome.


Hi everyone!

Oh and just so you know in the MD/DC/VA area the phrase for the day is multi car crash. The news radio station that does traffic on the 8's has maybe gone twice without saying that phrase.

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Hey everyone...... I'm new and would love to chat with you all since you seem pretty cool and very motiviating! I am a 38 yr old seperated Canadian that works as a dental hygienist. I too have always had a weight issue and am always struggling with emotional eating...... If its not bordom then it is tireness. If its not happiness its sadness that leads me to overeat. I do better when I read posts and see that others also are doing what I am doing. I am just plain lazy when it comes to cooking for myself and I graze! Exercise is always tricky to fit in..... I have good weeks and bad weeks... Would like to take a trip at xmas... so I have 2 months to kick it up a notch...... Can you help me do this! I have about 15 lbs to lose....... We'll hopefully see you on here faithfully! Good luck everyone and let me know of any good tips that you have for cooking for 1!
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Welcome Nadine!! Look forward to chatting with you!!
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