30 Something Daily Chat: Monday, Oct.15

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  • Hello everyone!

    Karen yes I have seen those trash cans, I can't believe how expensive they are, I wanted to get the one that you swing your hand in front of it and it opens has some kind of sensor, and DH thought I was crazy it was $129. We have the regular t/c under the sinc.

    Joan I am so glad you like the new school, it is always wonderful to get out of an IEP and feel like you got what you needed! Yeah!!! I hate waiting, I hope you get your furniture soon!

    Lauren I hate being cold, I used to be cold all the time, now I have hot flashes,

    Pam wow Brazillian ah!! go girl!!! how nice of DH to notice and say something to you. Keep the great work!!!

    Michelle how nice for you to be able to talk to DH :Hug: :Hug:

    Alicia good for you on getting at least 15 minutes workout, what is happening w/DH?

    Laurie you are too funny! DH likes to buy a lot of meat on sale, when Von's is having a sale he goes and buys like there will be no more meat for ever, he fills the big chest freezer in the garage, I actually really like that, I can just walk to the garage and get what ever we want for dinner and defrost it. Sounds to me you are a smart shopper, I am not! I just go get what I need for the most part I don't look at prices drives DH wacco, thank G-d for DH!

    Lisa big hug for you, sorry you had to work longer than you expected.

    ROO good to see you, how nice it must be that dw and mom get a long! that is great. I love my MIL I don't like my own mom!

    Had a good day, I did some retail therapy today, I needed it! then I picked up Sean we went to see the psychiatrist, then the normal stuff, homework done, fed him and he is in bed! I am going to have a relaxing night w/DH.

    Where are you GG ? and Sheila???