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darn lisa...and i though my hours sucked. GOOO Browns and bengals LOL...see there you go. I really don't have a fav pro team...so what the heck.

Went up mt. kennesaw again this am..it was great. We sold the computer...so more $$$$ for our much needed guest bed fund LOL. And we have friends coming in from out of town coming over for a bbq. They are going to a concernt in downtown alt tonight but wanted to come over and say hi. So hopefully i can be somewhat good eating wise. I've been proud of myself. I've only had one beer this week...that's an accomplishment for me. I might have a margarita tonight...but so far i've been good with the alocohol.

Alright all..dh needs my help moving the grill. Bye all.
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Hi All!

GG, yay on the sales! Now, repeat after me: "Go Big Blue!" And in a deep voice say "Tiki". Great! Now you're a Giants fan too!

Kelton, Don't forget to go to the Monday daily thread tomorrow! Glad you joined us!

Hanna, Glad everything went well for MIL.
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Lazy weekend on this end as well. Last week was such a busy one for me but everything really slowed down come Saturday. I had my party Friday night and everyone had great fun. Lots of silliness and some even came in costume:-). Yesterday was a rainy, dreary day here so I spent much of it curled up on the couch reading, "A Thousand Splendid Suns." Anyone read? Wow ~ what an intense, beautiful story. DH took DS camping for the whole weekend so it was just me and my girls. They had two little friends over all afternoon playing while I read. It was such a restful day. My boys came home today and I was so happy to see them! I will get right back on track tomorrow with eating and exercising. Hope that everyone has had a good weekend ~ Joan

Oh, forgot to answer Alicia's question about my lasik consolutation. I did go and am seriously considering having it done in January. I just found out that our insurance gives a discount if I'd go with one of their providers so I've set up an appointment for this Wednesday with another company. I must admit though that I'm feeling very apprehensive about it... we'll see...

Also, Kerri, what is going on? Do you have another rental place in mind? My nephew lives in an apartment complex in Lake St. Louis that is very reasonable. If you'd like for me to find out the name of I will. Hang in there Girlie....
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Just a little update for those of you that were wondering.

I have been living with some friends of my mom, rent free as agreed when I moved in. They are in financial dificulties so asked me for some rent money. I went through my finances and figured I could swing it. It would be really tight, but OK. Then I asked them to give me a receipt for the rent. They refused saying it would make them my landlord. I asked them what they think rent money is. They said it wouldn't be rent, just one friend helping another friend out financially. Whatever. I am not paying someone rent and not getting a receipt.

BUT what it REALLY boils down to is that I am not a good "christian" person (accd to them) since I don't attend church or their at-home bible study. This is why they really want me to leave. This was not by inferrence, but by direct statement. I have my beliefs. They are not different than theirs except I don't like to attend church type gatherings. I think all people have a right to worship (or not) however (and to whomever) they want. They say I have that right, but that I am "not right with the Lord" and they think that is why they are having all of their difficulties. They have let a "worldly" person into their home. I don't drink, smoke, do drugs, have friends, etc. I am very quiet down here in the basement and respectful of their bible-study times as well as the family's privacy. I stay in my room except when I need to cook.

This is just a synopsis. It has been very stressful. I am on the verge of tears all of the time. One of my customers today told me I should be happier (in a nice way). I guess I've had a sour look on my face. Hard to fake happy when you're dying inside.

Oh well. I am still on the look-out. Financially it is very difficult. I still have a whole house to support back in PHX. Hence the need for a 2nd job.

Hanna - Housing market in my area is crap. I'm going back there in 2 weeks to help spruce up the place. So, it is what it is for now

Joan - thanks for the offer. I'll take the name and look into it, but it might be a bit too far of a drive. I work in Creve Coeur.

Well, that's all for now. I'll keep you posted.

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Kerri, I'm so sorry to hear about all this. It is hard to put on a happy face in such a circumstance. I know from experience, these living arrangements almost always end badly. Though that is no help to you. You are trying to sell a house in AZ? I hope that everything works out for you and you find something you can afford.

Joan, I forgot you were having a girls night. Sounds like fun.

Hanna, sometimes we need to stay in our nighties all day. Hope MIL is feeling well.

In between doing laundry I have been on the computer all day. I have been so lazy. I've been listening to songs on the computer. I've gotten so tired of the radio playing the same ole songs.

Everyone have a great Monday! Will chat tomorrow.

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