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Evening All,
Pam you must have strong will power to have being making 225 cookies. Hope you get them done before next week.
Alicia I had a great meeting and weigh in. I lost 1 1/4 pounds. So I am seeing the scale move down again. Hoping it continues to move down from now on. I think that your dd's friend was happy with the gift she got. I wouldn't make a special trip to buy her a pair of heely's. I hear you on the excerise issue. Need to start again.
Michelle congrats on taking that huge step and deciding that you don't need the alcohol to help you get through life. Glad you are feeling better. Keep up the good work. You sound much happier. You can do it!
Shelia you are truly an angel. That was so very nice of you to share your story with Michelle. You know what she is going through and can give her great advice. Hope things are going well for you and your family. What ever happened with your ds wanting to quit high school?
Hanna sounds like you had a busy day yesterday. You are so true about the school and the meds. In every school I have ever worked at, when they notice that the kids meds are getting low they call home and let the parents know. Not we are out and need some now. Hope you had a wonderful day!
Hi to everyone else. Hope you are all having a great week.
I think I will get off the computer and go curl up on the couch with my honey. Chat with you all later.
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