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Welcome to all the newbies!

Michelle, Happy Belated birthday.

Joan, did you have a nice anniversary?

John, did you go to the Beach? I grew up in the Norfolk/VA Beach area. You said your mom lives in Williamsburg...is that where you grew up?

Pam, I try to watch DWTS, but what happens is I try multitasking and only catch bits and pieces. As of yet, I don't have a favorite.

Didn't do well with the calorie counting. Wound up going to Pizza Hut for dinner. Haven't been there in years. Even ate my pizza with a fork and knife like I did when I was a kid. Had 2 slices and have no idea the amount of the calories. I missed lunch though.

DH got offered 2 positions. Carlotte, NC and Vegas. If he takes Vegas the kids and I won't go. I told him if we don't go he will have to move us to another house. The one we live in now has many problems and its rent to own so the owner won't fix any thing. I feel as though I am at a crossroads.

Gotta go, wish me better luck tomorrow on counting the calories.

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Evening Ladies and Gentleman,
I have been busy here the last couple of days. So that is why I have not posted. Friday after school, dh and I went out with friends for dinner and then drinks didn't get home until 1:30 in the morning. Saturday had a birthday party and a demolation derby to go to. Sunday we thought we were going to this huge flea market an hour away from our house. But once we got there it was not happening that day. I read the calendar wrong and it was Friday and Saturday. Oh well, we stopped at another one on the way home. Then spent the evening with friends. Today I had an inservice at work all day. Came home to a depressed dh. His favorite uncle passed away this morning. Went out to dinner and then went grocery shopping. Came home put that stuff away and then worked on my Avon order. I am doing a craft show in Nov. so I had to come up with some gift baskets to sell so I needed to order that in this campigan. Fun, fun. Now I am playing on the computer before going to bed.
Michelle Happy Belated Birthday. Glad you had a nice day spending it with your kids. Hope you do well with drinking no alcohol during the week. Sending hugs and will power your way.
Joan Happy Anniversary! This year my dh and I will be married 4 years. It is hard to believe that it has been that long all ready. LOL
Lauren my dad, brother and sister are all volunteer firefighters for our hometown. That is so cool that your dh is one too. Glad he can be back on the fire dept. and not a social member anymore. I know that must have drove him crazy the last three years not being able to go on fire calls.
Karen sounds like you had a fun weekend at the Kidsfest. I know what you mean about cleaning and finding things you don't think to clean. I find those items at my house sometimes too.
Blue, sorry to hear that things are still going a little rough with the new job. Hopefully it will all even out soon for you. But atleast you are getting your workouts in at work. I know that once I start doing more jobs outside of my classroom with my kids than I will be doing a lot more walking around my building.
Hanna sorry to hear that you were not feeling well at the end of last week. Glad you were able to get a different dosage of your meds and that is helping. Hope you are taking it easy and not overdoing it this week. That was very sweet of your dh to come home and help you on Thursday.
Alicia I will say my prayers for your family during this time of your dh's job offer decision. When will he decide what job he wants to take. I really think you will be fine eating two pieces of pizza hut pizza. I don't think you are going to pack on pounds from just two pieces.
GG how was work today? Sounds like you had a really nice weekend. I have been trying to get my dh to go hiking with me at the one state park for a month now. But on the weekends we have been really busy. Hopefully before winter hits we can go a couple times.
Lisa,glad you had a nice weekend with your friends. That is an odd topic to bring up during a wedding. Hope you got your rest and are ready for the crazy holiday shopping season to come?
John glad you had a nice weekend away too. So are you ready to go back to work tomorrow? Hope your work week is not a hetic one for you like last week was.
Hi the newbies! You will love it here. There is a great bond of friendship and a lot of support offered here.
Hi to everyone else. Off to get ready for school tomorrow and think about going to bed. Chat with you all later.
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UGGGGH! Kerry, don't even remind me about the holiday season! I did kinda rest, but it just wasn't long enough. (Of course, it never is)

Joan, forgot to wish you a happy anniversary! Hope you have a "blast"

to everyone else. I am off to bed.

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just a quick hi...work was insane. but i ate well today and i even got the energy up to walk the dog for 20 min with dh and 45 min the firm dvd.

hey to everyone..i'll catch up later
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