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Lexy, what kind of music does dh play? I haven't had a passport done. However, I did have a pic taken for my work badge. She took it so close up that it looks like your looking at me through a peep hole. I don't think she knew what she was doing, lol.

Lauren, hope you get the job! I saw my local grocery store selling DD coffee, it made me think of you.

Hannah, hope Sean feels well soon. If it is a bug, I hope you and DH don't catch it. I caught one from my DS and it was just awful.

I am hoping the heat lets up soon, I am so ready for fall!! It is so much easier to walk outside without the heat.

Have a great evening everyone!
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Alright all...work was pure ****. I was the only dr and i think everything that came in today was sick. We were busting our butts all day. I didn't get a lunch break...just quickly inhaled my sandwhich. Then i got home late and luckily dh cooked me dinner. So i had a glass of wine..and then a beer...hmmm do you see where i'm going with this..now i have no motivation for exercise. Oh well..i think even with the beer and wine...i didn't even meet my caloric intake...all i had to day was a yogart with banana and granola for lunch and a tuna fish sandwhich for lunch...hmmm by my calcualtions...even with dinner...that wasn't anywhere near 1600 calories. I really should eat something...but just too tired to care...or maybe that's the beer talking..i'm a little buzzed right now as we speak LOL. It looks like it will be busy again. Now don't get me wrong..i'm glad we've finally picked up. Its just a long day. I did great though. I made more today in one day with one dr than i did for the last 2 days totaled with 2 drs. So that's pretty good. My production numbers are looking great. But it helps when everything that comes to see you is sick...because anything sick..i always recommend top quality medicine. I don't believe in saying...oh it can wait. I feel if the owner's concerned enough to bring it in...and it looks sick. We need to do what's medically right. So it was a very busy day. But glad i made it through it. I think i'll try to go to bed early tonight so i get up early enough to work out. I really want to...but know if i have another day like today..there will be no working out in the pm.

hannah - that was very nice of you..sorry sean is sick...hopefully you'll be abel to go to the gym soon.

lexy - i hate my photo...looks horrid. As for the motivation for exercise...i think i blew it tonight..but hopefully tomorrow will be better..too tired from work

sheila - i guess medical scares can really kick you in the butt to do what needs to be done. Hopefully it will help

hey to everyone else
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Evening everyone,
Made it through my work day without any problems. Even had a suprise visit from my special ed. supervisor. I have had dreaded run ins with her in the past. Nothing I seem to do for her or my special education students seems to please her. She always finds one little petty fault with me and tries to bring me down. So today when she walked into the teacher's lunchroom I was trying to plan an escape before the **** hit the fan. But she was so nice and chatted with me like a regular co-worker and not a stuck up supervisor. She even gave me $150 to spend on my classroom getting things I will need to get it up to par to teach my kids life skills. Tonight I asked my dh to go for a walk with me. So we made it to the truck and drove into town to walk there. Since we live on a busy country road and can't walk on it. But before we could park and go for a walk we ran into his two best friends. So he stops to talk to them and they tell him to stop up at the one's house in a little while and they will play cards. So what do you think he does. He turned the truck around and heads home. Gets home and says I don't know why you are mad at me. You knew they wanted to do something with me tonight anyway. I was just waiting on their phone call. I was pissed. I won't speak to him at all. He knew he was in the dog house because he kept kissing me and saying I love you. You know that I really love you. Every night this week he had hung out with his two buddies and several other buddies. I have went to bed every night before he gets home. All I wanted was to spend some time with him after being with my special needs kids all day in my self-contained classroom. It is not like I get much interaction with other adults through out my day. So he is like I will make it up to you tomorrow and we will go to the festival that is happening in our town right and walk around. Now tell me how that is going to be benifical to our health. I don't him that fine but I know your buddies will call you up and you will go hang out with them. So do what ever you want to do. He already had told his mom that I would take her to the country concert tomorrow evening at the festival anyway. It starts at 8:45 in the friggin' evening. I could see if it was like a weekend night and I didn't have to be up the next morning by 6 to go to work by 7. He likes to volunteer me to do things for his mom and not check with me. Don't get me wrong I love my mil. But she had 9 kids can't one of them do things with her from time to time. Sorry for the rant.
Lextey, enjoy your evening of peace and quiet. So what kind of band is your dh in? Hope your eye dr. appointment went well today.
Laurie how was Bella's first day of school? Sounds like you have a nice little home gym. I have an ab lounger and loved it. But it is currently in storage since we don't have room for it at our rental house.
GG glad you kept busy at work today. Sorry you didn't have much of a lunch break. Mine was cut short too today. One of my students was in the bathroom when the lunch bell rang. So it made him and me late to lunch. Then my special ed. supervisor talked to me in the teacher's lunchroom. Go back to my room to use the restroom and she walks into my classroom just to take a look around to see if they have done anything else in it since it is not finished yet. Meaning putting in the appliances. Just get her out the door and here come my kids from the caferteria 10 minutes early. I hope we can both enjoy your lunch breaks tomorrow. Hope you get your excerise in tomorrow.
Lauren sorry to hear that you had a bad day with unemployment. Hope they get that straightened out for you and you can get a check soon. Hope your interview went well this afternoon.
Angie so what kind of booth does your dh have at your county fair every year? Is live getting back into a routine for you now? I hear you on the excerise. I need to get back in the habit of doing it too.
Shelia, sorry to hear that you had a crappy report from the doctor today. Hope your lymodes go down soon. That must be so scary! Remember don't reach for that extra big helping!
Hanna sorry to hear that you were housebound today. Hope Sean is feeling better this evening. That is so sweet of you to cook for the teacher's aide and his wife. Your dinner you made sounds yummy. Hope you are able to be out and about tomorrow.
Hello to everyone else. I need to go and relax a few minutes before going to bed. Chat with you all tomorrow.
Take care,
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Hey all, today has not been a good day for me either! First I got in my car to go to work this evening and my windshild was all splochy, so I turn on the windshild wipers only to realize that it was on the inside. A pop (soda) can exploded! Then at work I was ink tagging merchandise to put out and one of those exploded and now my middle finger along with my pants are all blue inked. I tried nail polish remover on my fingers and it is not coming off. I think it just has to wear off. In 9 yrs. retail, this is the first time this has happened to me. UUUGGH!!!

Diet ~ not going well, too hot and not motivated. I like Roo have been lurking, dont really have anything else to say.

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kar - i think you really need to put your foot down...and mean it...not just let him sweet talk his way back to you.

lisa - sorry about the bad day..hang in there
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Helloooooooooooooo everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Court today was a major victory! My girl is all mine! Legal sole, physical custody with no visitation (up to me judge said - under my authorization and judgement!)
I am sooooooooooooooooooooooo happy today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Loservilee ex didn't even bother to show today GG - he knew he was done before it even started! Just a quick post so I can let ya know but have ltos of calls to make! YEEEHAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Slim ~ excellent news! What a huge relief... How is your daughter taking the news?

GG ~ LOL at your post. I can tell that you're a teeny bity buzzed:-).

Lisa ~ yep, that ink is gonna just have to work off gradually. I hope that your slacks were black???

KAR ~ "DH" doesn't stand for "darling or dear" tonight, eh...;-). You've got to start saying NO.

Hi Alicia ~ I've been thinking of you and wondering how school is going for DS?

Hanna, Laurie, Lauren, Michelle, and all of the others that posted on Page 1 ~HELLO!!!

I'm on the Fall Festival committe at the kids new school and tonight a meeting was being held at another gal's house. A year ago I would get in the van and drive there but these days I try to walk to as many places as I can. I love this area that we've moved to so much! It's just so pretty and I can't wait for the fall. So, I walked to and from and feel really good about that small accomplishment. It was 1/2 mile each way. Not bad on top of my morning exercise and walking the kids to and from school morning and afternoon. Moving here has been very good for my family as we're all more active than we were at our old location. This Accutane is kicking my butt though... aching joints and back. I'm focusing on how much better my skin is already looking. That being said, I am sooooo looking forward to getting off of this stuff. Time to go read a bit and then hit the hay. Hugs and Heys to everyone ~ Joan
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hi every one!

GG I had to laugh at your post, don't worry about sounding buzzed, I haven't heard of a 3fc buzz patrol, LOL. How nice that dh cooked dinner, sorry to hear you had such a day.

Joan I am so glad you are getting to meet more people in the neighborhood! it sounds beautiful! and you sound like a beautiful person so I don't see how you would have trouble meeting new people (in your new neighborhood).

Slimpossible what a great day you had! congratulations!!!! good for you and your daughter!

Lisa sorry about your crappy day,

Kerry I am so sorry about dh, it is not right at all, you do need to put your foot down, how old is he, he sounds like he is a teenager wanting to hang with his friends, sorry you were volunteered to go out w/MIL even if you do like her a lot, you should be asked before making plans for you. I hope you have a good day tomorrow.

Alicia what is going on w/dh? any new news? are the kids doing oK with dh gone?

I had a pretty long day, I am very tired, DH was suppose to come home early so we could eat dinner together with Sean, but NOOOOOO! he didn't come home on time and he is still not home he left at 8 am, it is almost 9 PM I have not a clue when he will be home, he was working w/customer at 7 PM he told me it was going to be fast, they were just looking at cars, I guess they weren't just looking. I don't like telling Sean daddy is coming home early and then I end up putting him to bed and he is all sad that he didn't get to see his daddy, he does need to see him, he does so much better when they spend time together. Oh well, tomorrow is another day! Sean is going to school in the morning, he did pretty well today at home yeah!!!
I am going downstairs to watch a little TV and wait for DH to come home.
See you all tomorrow~

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Hey guys,

I just thought I would catch up before going to bed. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for everyone.

CONGRATULATIONS Slim!! SO happy for you guys!

My dh just got home from practice, so I am going to talk to him for a few minutes before hitting the sack. He is in a classic rock band. He used to play guitar professionally in New York and Philly in the 80's. He had the big hair and everything! Now he is mr. corporate, so I pull out the old photos once in a while and chuckle at how he used to look. He still enjoys playing at the occasional gig now, so I go to support. Tomorrow will be a late night so I better go to bed. Talk to everyone tomorrow!
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Lisa- simple green works best at removing inks. Also wearing non powered latex gloves will work but you need to leave them on for 4hrs or so. Yes your hand will turn into a prune but the ink will come off.

Kerry- your hubby needs a rollin pin up side the head.

Hanna- You get to the gym one day Glad Sean doing better

GG- somedays its ok no to work out today was one of them.

Silm- Congrats

Joan- I feel you on the walking I like to walk around my town too.

I got a whole mountain of work done today but turns out it was only a foot hill EPP! There is a mountain goat laughing at me somewhere.

Was feelin good when I got home but I deicde to clean rather then work out as gettin in the mood to clean is a hellva lot harder then walking lol.

Hope everyone has a good day tomorrow.
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