30 Something Chat Thursday Aug 23

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  • Just popping in to say goodnight to everyone! Shopping was a blast. I'm still thinking about a few of the things I bought, but I got to the point where I was too tired to decide, and the two things that are maybes were the last ones, so I brought them home to think about them more. I did great at staying OP until I left for the mall. After that, it was tougher. I didn't eat anything at the mall (not good - I'm trying to eat 5 meals a day and I'd only had 2 at that point...) and then DH and I went out for dinner. I had tortilla chips and salsa (about 30 chips, I think, with salsa on them) and then we had fajita nachos for dinner. I had two of them. Fajita nachos are a chip with beans, steak and cheese layered on them. Yummy, but very fatty, which is why I only had two. I'm probably way under my calories, but way overboard with fat, for the day. But I'll start fresh tomorrow! I have a tough weekend ahead of me, diet-wise, and I need to spend some time tomorrow afternoon formulating a plan.