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Default 30 Something's Daily Chat: 4th of July!!

Mornin' All!

Boy am I going to be PO'd tomorrow AM when I realize this is not Saturday and I Have to get up for work!

Sheila, I'm soo sorry DH is being that way. I hope it's just his grief and he gets over it eventually.

Hanna, Glad DS had a good day.

Dek, GLad you found a place! I would just die if I couldn't get online!

Karen, Glad you popped in! Adorable bday pics! Cassie's still a peanut, but she's soo funny!


Lisa, House is a semi-sore subject. Not much has changed...still need more money for d/p. Hope to take care of that today.

Joan, Around here not many people are social with their neighbors. We live on a main street though, so that's part of it, but still, people are working all day, and on the weekends they're taking care of chores and family stuff, I guess. We wave to our neighbors.

Tamara, Congrats on the loss!

Have a great day all!
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Lauren; It is a bummer that you have to go to work in the a.m. sorry!

Ya it is a bad deal with DH he said too much. My oldest son goes are you leaving us now. He says 'No I wasn't planning on it" But yet he says something like that to me. Makes no sense, My feelings have totally changed that quick. I can't describe to you how I feel.

Have a happy 4th.
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Happy 4th of Fuly to all you folks down South from your neighbours to the North!

Shiela, I'm so sorry to hear about what's going on. I hope that things sort themselves out for you and I'm sure that whatever happens it will be for the best. You sound like a very strong woman and the world needs as many of those as it can get!

Hanna, I'm glad that you have FIL to help out. It sounds as though you're very lucky to have so much support with your recovery. I know you said you're not hungry, but try to eat at least a little otherwise you'll start dropping lean muscle. Take care of yourself.

Roo, You just keep popping in and out...I'm gonna start calling you a Pop Tart! LMBO...J/K

Lauren, I'm praying for some unexpected prosperity for you so the house is no longer a sore subject and instead you can tell us all about your new home!

Have a terrific day everyone!
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Morning All,

Lazy Fourth of July morning on this end....

Sheila ~ Do you want me to come up and do some thumpin' on the ole' noggin? I know that you can count of Melinda to help out too. DH needs a good swift kick! Hurtful words aren't easily forgotten. Hopefully, he'll regret the words that he said sooner rather than later.

Hanna ~ I was so happy to read about the support system that you have. Doesn't really surprise me though as you seem like the sort of person that would bend over backwards helping out someone else. Also, glad to hear that DS had a good day at school. You mentioned he came home hungry from school ~ do the meds that he is on affect his appetite? My Liam is on meds and he is so damn skinny as we practically have to force him to eat. We fix him a gi-normous milkshake every night before bed. Night after night I look at it longingly...

KarenK ~ Cassie is a peanut! She's adorable in her pink bib overalls. These are sweet days for you. They just fly by way too quickly.

Lauren ~ May the down payment magically appear today;-). I'm going to send some photos of the new house but need DH around to help me. I know just enough to be dangerous... just ordered "we've moved" cards and will show that as well. So cute...

Hi Tamara ~ Happy Fourth of July to you! Just realized that Canadians don't celebrate the Fourth... take the day off work anyway;-).

Every year we go to my brother and sister-in-law's place for the Fourth. They have a farm and really go all out for this holiday. The kids love going as they have swimming, trampoline, volleyball, great food and a cooler full of ice cream. Last year we let DS bring a friend and this little guy couldn't believe that you could eat as many ice cream cones as you wanted to. He would go swimming, come out and get an ice cream cone, go for another dip and then get another ice cream cone... The evening always ends with fireworks set off at the other end of the lake. Both my mom and dad were born on the 4th and today is my dad's 95th birthday... Amazing. The man still puts in a 2 acre garden each year.

Happy Fourth July to everyone ~ Joan
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Happy 4th Everyone!!

Having a cook out here today. The pools warm but ofcourse it has to be overcast and cool outside today. Just wanted to pop on and say hello, sorry some of you are having such a rotten time. Emotions are difficult to judge and everyone moves through things differently, I hope it all clears up soon.

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Joan, wow ~ can I come to your party too? Pretty please, with sprinkles on top? Sounds wonderful and give dad a Happy B-day from all of us.

Sheila, I know what you are going though. I have been in your shoes! It is not easy, and our marriage wasn't strong enough to handle it. We were both strong but not together. Once his father died, I became the bad guy from his side of the family. (His dad died of a massive heart attack) They didn't want me around because Gene and I never got along. Okay true we didnt ~ but I didn't bad mouth the man, or say mean things about him (other than he was a hillbilly). Long story short ~ if you need a shoulder to cry on or anything I am here. I know what its like.

Lauren, hope that magic comes your way.

Hanna, you asked about my job prospects. I have a very part time job at Elder-Beerman (like macy's) and Manpower just called yesterday and they have a full time position that I have an interview with tomorrow. I could do both jobs and that way try to get ahead on some of my bills. (If I dont take my store charge to work with me ) We will see what happens. I will keep everyone posted.

Happy 4th everyone!

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Happy Fourth Everyone!! I'm sorry to hear about the hard times some of you are having but I hope that at least for a little while today, you have some fun!!

We, too, are having a cook-out and lots of folks over. The pool is nice and warm, and DH is finishing up cutting the grass. I just wanted to pop in and say hello and happy holiday to you all

Hope everyone has a great day todday
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Hi all
Sorry that I have been MIA recently. It seems like when I want to start following some routines for food and exercise, my life gets crazy. I hope all of you have a great 4th! I know some of you are struggling right now with a variety of things just always try to stay positive and I will be praying for yall! Talk with you soon.
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Thanks guys! It means alot to me. We went the kids and me to thermopolis swimming now I have a fever. I know I am sure melinda could set a few things straight for me. anyway enjoy your 4th ladies and Roo!!
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Evening ladies. Whew, we had the cookout at our house this year. We didn't even have many people and I feel like I worked all day. Well, I guess I did!! There were only 7 adults, 2 kids and one neighbor dropped by for a few minutes.

My fat girl jeans are getting tight so I gotta start behaving myself. The last time I was at the Dr. he said he was giving me three months to start loosing and then he was going to do something. I don't know what he thinks he's going to do. I'm not agreeing to surgery and I'm not taking any meds (I'm still nursing the baby). I almost want to not loose anything to see what he thinks he's going to do!

Sheila: I'm so sorry to hear that your notsoD DH is being a butt. Maybe he feels safe attacking you because he can't take on his Dad. I don't know the whole story, but maybe he blames his Dad for dying and since that feels dumb he's grasping at straws. He needs counseling seperately and then you both need marital counseling. I would have a hard time forgiving even if I knew it was misplaced blame.

Lisa: Good luck on the interview!! I hope it goes well for you.

Lauren: I hope things are going well for you with the house.

Joan: I agree with the others, I like your party way more than mine! That souds like a total blast!

to those I missed. I'm going to try to lay the baby down and get a BATH!! Whoohoo.
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hi everyone!
Sheila I am sorry to hear you have a fever now. I have been thinking about you all day. I wish I had a magic wand to knock so sense to your husband. and yes I agree with you Melinda where are you, we need you!

Lisa good luck with the interview tomorrow. Don't take your charge card anywhere!!!

Karen try to eat Little meals during the day and lots of water, I hope your pants loosen up!

Joan :happybirthday: to your parents! yes DS's meds are giving him a huge appetite, they increased the abilify after talking to the psyc. dr. he realized tegratol will take out 70% of abilify's stenght when it is given in more than 200 mgs. so the had to increase abilify actually double it, and know ds is eating for 4! I am not kidding.

I am going to stay home tonight, ds and dh are going out w/friends to see the fireworks, I don't have any energy

Happy 4th every one!

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