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hey all...well i'm back. I will try to catch up on everyone's posts...but these next few weeks will be CRAZY. First off, DH and i had an Unbelievable romatic weekend. Drove up to asheville on saturday. We got there a little early (check in at the Bed and breakfast didn't start until 4). So we spent a few hours wandering around the botanical garden (very nice). We then checked in and chilled for a little while. Enjoyed the double hammock the b&b had. Here's a link to the b$b we stayed at http://www.hillhousebb.com/ its a great place...and for a bed and breakfast not crazy priced like some. We then went for a romantic dinner at the grove park inn (an old historic inn set on top of a mt) and we had dinner at their terrace resturant. here's a pic of seating at the resturant...that pretty much was our view http://www.groveparkinn.com/Leisure/...unset_Terrace/
We had a beautiful dinner...enjoying the sunset with the city and mountains in the back ground. We took pics so eventually i promise i will post some..then everyone can see my new hair also. It was a great night. Sunday we got up and had a great breakfast at the b&b and then went off to the biltmore. We've been there many times, but always love going back. We decided to take a carriage ride..normally they can have up to 12 ppl per ride...but we lucked out. There was only one other couple...so it was almost like our wedding day. See my mom suprised me with a carriage ride around the biltmore on our wedding day...in fact we even had our same driver from a year ago. It was perfect..and another great photo opt...we drove around behind the biltmore house and got great photos (i'll send later). And sheila...i would have made you proud...lots of FEEP was going on LMAO.
We got up this morning and drove back to Savannah. This afternoon was spent loading up the horse trailer with stuff we are taking to Alt. Tomorrow we are heading out very early to drive to some more stuff to Alt. Then i'll spend until Thurd helping DH work on the house, then on thurs i'm flying home to see my parents and my GF who is dying of colon cancer. So i probably won't be to a computer until i get to my parents house. Flying back on sunday then back to work for 1.5 wks and then final move to ALT. So as you can see...veyr very crazy week. I'll try to check in when i get a chance.

Hannha...hope you are doing better...btw...any word on the masses removed from that uterus???
hey to everyone else..and hey to the newbies..
check back later
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GG- That sounds like such a Great weekend. Is it Asheville, NC? I have been there several times and I just love it. I love the Mountains anyways. I don't wanna be too nosy, but what is FEEP? A carriage ride sounds so romantic! Good luck with all the moving. I really dread moving and hope I don't have to do it again for a long time.

Hanna, I love going to the movies too. I also love the buttery popcorn. I know it's not good for us, but I can't go and not have it. My daughter wants to see the Nancy Drew movie. Last week we tried seeing it and the movie theater was only playing at two times, so we missed it.

Christina- congrats on the weight loss!!!!!

It is very queit around here, I guess everone is on vacation.

Have a good evening everyone.
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Hannah: You go girl I am glad to hear you got some. I am still stuck on the batteries until DH starts feeling up to it. I am jealous!!!
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