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Great post!!!!

I can't wait to. . .

~not feel self doubt
~not feel winded and tired after climbing a flight of stairs
~buy cloths at any store
~actually get in the picture instead of always taking them
~were cute cloths that I feel good in
~the waist band on my dress pants to stop folding over because of my fat roll
~not embarrass my kids (nobody wants to have the fat mom)
~feel everyone is judging me
~not feel inadequate

It is amazing how much my weight has effected my self worth. I am beginning what I know will be a long hard process of getting healthy.
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pole princess!
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I always think of this stuff!!!
I cant wait till:

My thighs stop rubbing together (i get welts)
I can wear skirts and shorts
Wear a bathing suit (have not done that in 4 years!)
Get into the 30 pairs of jeans I have under my bed that USED TO FIT
My boyfriend is attracted to me again
I can take the trips to the river with everyone instead of staying behind because I wont even wear shorts.
Teach my exotic strip/pole dancing classes again

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I can't wait...

to feel sexy even if my bra and panties don't match (good art won't match your sofa)

to wear sunblock, not block out the sun

to fit in my skinny clothes and buy new ones anyway

To not feel anything bounce that shouldn't

Awesome thread! Great motivation! Thanks!
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To fit into my XLG Joy Division t-shirt I paid way to much money for.



I guess to be able to stop worrying about resturant booths.
I am so weird about those!
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What an awesome idea!!

I can't wait...

To play with my son
To be healthy enough to get pregnant
To be able to have my husband pick me up and not feel insecure
To be able to shop at old navy and express and not be unsure if they carry my size
To be able to show off my healthy toned figure to my 7 sil who are all 120 and 5'8'' and taller
To be able to be healthy enough to train for a triathalon
To be more secure and where sexy undies for my hubby
To not worry about all the things I worry about now
like standing in photos
To be have more energy
To not be obese or overweight just normal
To be able to tie my shoes without breathing heavy

just a few like everyone else I could go on for pages and hours
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I must join in...
to be able to shop for clothes that are cute...and not just ones that hide my size
to take my kids to the pool and waterpark with my skinny friend and her kids
to be able to not feel so self conscious ALL the time
to be my husband's "trophy wife"
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