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Working on Weight loss!!!
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Default 30 Something Chat Monday May 7

Good Morning!!!
Long busy weekend but I survived!! I have been sick since last week--no voice, sore throat and very congested..I guess it is time to quit self treating and move on to the experts??
Good Morning to everyone!! Off to work!!
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Hey RR sorry you are feeling so yucky! I hear ya about not feeling well I haven't felt terrific for a while but slowly I am getting there. My hips keep hurting. They say it is because of my back so I went to the chiropractor and I felt really well now they are hurting again. My Doc said my lymphnodes that were in my chest are gone and a few other ones are now starting to shrink. They thought I had cancer but don't but they are watching me like a hawk.

I am so tired today running on empty. I need to go make some Java

Have a great day everyone
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No excuses this time!
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I am about to go to bed for Monday LOL and you guys are just getting up LOL - we had a busy day - took Liam to music lessons, got his hair cut, washed the car, went to an afternoon meeting for work (I dont work Mondays), got Liam's stuff labelled with his name ready for his first day at preschool tomorrow, and took Liam to swimming lessons.

I am not having a good start to the week - I'm up 0.5kg from last week and it looks like my son's goldfish might die overnight - I am pretty sure - we got home this afternoon and I noticed his tail, with white pus like stuff over it, the other little fish were stalking him, and he was distressed I got a big vase ready with water conditioner and transferred him over thinking that I might be able to get some drops to treat his tail in isolation, but he is not sitting on the bottom not moving much. I am sad, I am preparing Liam by saying that Pumpkin is sick, and he wanted to give him some medicine, I said mummy might have to take him to the doctor... if Pumpkin doesnt recover - I think I will tell him he is at the animal doctor - I think 3 years is just a little to young to explain life and death - do you? And then go out and buy a new one, I will still speak to the pet shop, because I wonder if the other fish may get the same thing....
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Hi ladies,
RR and Sheila hope youīll feel better soon
I am glad the only problem these days is that this computer is making me crazy. We need a new one so bad but with all the travelling around until September we cannot afford a new one soon. If you donīt see me around itīll be because of our comp problems and not because I donīt want to be around
Ok. I was in a kidīs theater with little boy on Saturday afternoon - a criminal story and really nice and not a single moment boring. I enjoyed the show a lot. We had ice-cream and I enjoyed this a lot, too Hubby and I were out in an indonesian restaurant on Saturday evening - very yummy. Weīve been to a great exhibition about Tibet on Sunday. I didnīt get a lot of insight into the religion but the stuff they showed was really great. All golden and lots of tiny little things and big statues all golden......
I should take care what I eat today I think But Iīve been to the gym this morning and I loved it a lot
So keep it going, girls.
Hope that Iīll have internet access tomorrow.....
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happy monday to all!!....well, it was hot yesterday and going to be hotter today!...i love it...i exercised this weekend in the heat, not as long as i would normally, but i did get some in...today i weigh, i am hoping for more than some lost ounces...i kicked butt this week and i hope it shows, we will see though...

rr and sheila: hope you both start feeling better really soon, it sucks to not feel welll, but even more so when its nice outside

vanessa: sounds like you had a busy monday!..mine will not be nearly as busy ;}...work, weigh and exercise..that is all i plan to do today

kirsten: good morning, sounds like you too had a wonderful weekend...sounds fun

ok, i will check back in tonight or tomorrow morning...please send some weight loss vibes my way...HAVE A GREAT MONDAY EVERYONE!
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Good morning everyone. I hope everyone had a great weekend. We did here except for the allergies. Ugh. I am so tired of having a yucky nose and snore throat.

It's a beautiful day so I'm sure we are going to be outside most of the day (just as soon as I get some laundry done so Alex has some clothes to wear ) I've been lazy about laundry!

RR/Sheila: Hope you are both feeling better soon.

Vanessa: I'm sorry about Liam's fish. We've been having to explain death to my 4 year old since we lost our cat last week. There've been some heavy conversations and he doesn't totally get it yet. Can you replace the fish without him knowing? That's probably what I would do.

Kirsten: That sounds like a wonderful exhibit. Good luck with your internet access tomorrow!

Christina: Good for you on exercising in the heat!! I hope you are rewarded with a loss.

OK, off to face the mountains of laundry. I swear everytime I let it get this bad that I won't do it again.
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morning all.
rr and sheila hope you both feel better
mum - go to the fish store...sounds like fish has ick...you can get meds for that.
milargro - sorry about your puter...hopefully it will hold out until sept.
christina -good luck on the weigh in today.
karen - hope your allergies are better and enjoy laundry...can you hear the sarcasm...god i hate laundry day LOL
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good morning all!
RR and Sheila sorry you are not feeling well. hope you do soon!

We had a good weekend, Saturday I woke up very very late, that is one of the perks when hubby is home!!! we drove up north to find a bed and breakfast to stay for memorial day weekend, didn't find anything worth paying what they are charging for the rooms. walked on the pier in Laguna Beach, it was a beautiful day, we had a great time.
Sunday we went to Carlsbad to have breakfast, when we got there we found out they had the street fair going on, it took for ever to find parking, but we did stay, it was a huge street fair, I never seen it so big, it was fun!!!

And now, here is the beginning of a new week, the weekend went to quick.
I am off and running! I am going to the gym.
I will check in later,

Have a great day every one!!!
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Can't wait 2 be a goddess
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Ok first off thank you guys for your encouragement i am starting over today FOR SURE i wiegh'd in this morning i knew it was goona be bad I started yesterday ( TOM )as well so i just updated my ticker Sigh~ oh well im gonna do it this time starting TODAY GOOOOOO MICHELLE
sorry im rooting myself on LOL
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Sheila: Hope you are feeling better. I recently had laser hair removal and the clinician told me my lymph nodes were swollen (kind of freaked out about it and wanted me to see a doctor). I told her I think I have "fat armpits". Did/do you have any pain in your lymphs?
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Kalamazoo Girl
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HI ALL. Update. My butt is still huge. My pants are so tight I'm gonna need a crowbar to peel 'um off my thighs. My weight has gone up YET AGAIN. I am still tired as heck (although now it's mixed with crazy bursts of speeding-aka the shakes). I HATE MY THYROID. I HATE IT I HATE IT I HATE IT!!! Vittori is now on her FOURTH tank! Yes, mama spent another $100 bucks on spoiled little baby girl this weekend. I really can't afford to continue doing that.....she's a hamster for cryin' out loud! I mean, COME ON! Who drops that kinda bank on a rodent? Yes, I'm crazy. OH, and my hair still looks retched!

Vanessa: Yes, you should separate the little buddy and use the ick drops like GG said! My little betta (Beldar Joseph Gilly I who died several years ago) developed it, but I treated him and he lived an extra year-though he was always a bit sickly.

Sheila: Holy crap dude! R they SURE it's not cancer? Whoa. That's scary!!!

Christina: I would totally send you weight loss vibes, but apparently the signals are crossing as they reach my body....my booty and thighs seem to keep hearing: "YES, YOU DO WANT TO EAT 15 BIG MACS...it's the new trend in fat reduction....go ahead.....eat eat eat eat." Nevertheless, kudos to your dedication little muffin!

GG: YO YO, what is up tho?

Hanna: Ah....to walk along a pier in Califor-ni-A! How delightful. Jealous.

Michelle: Don't beat yourself up over the weight. You've had your hands full and a lot of additional stress. With that said-get back on track!

RR: Hey sweetpea, hope you start feelin' better! That's simply no fun!!!

Hi Lisa/Joan/Lauren/Michelle B./Roo/Stephanie/Karen K./Kerri/Michelin/Kirsten/Tina/& Everyone Else!!!

Off to get my dimply boo-teh up and shake this tiredness off. Melinda

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Yes I am sure it is not cancer because I had a byopsy done in Dec.

Mwoman: I didn't have any pain until one night in my sleep for some reason I woke up scratching it, I noticed it had grown I thought it was fat or maybe and ingrown hair. Anyway I had the byopsy everything came back inclusive. They thought it was cancer but it wasn't. I also on top of that had a serious case of phemonia. Doc told me that the lymphs that were in my chest are gone and the other few that were there are shrinking on their own. some can take up to 1 year to go down. I am going to try a lymph cleanse. infections can do funny things. I am still being looked after with my surgeon just to be on the safe side. The part that bothers me now is the scar tissue. At first I had no pain but several weeks before I got it out I had alot.

Melinda: It's all good just have to get my body back on track is all.
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hey all, i'm back. God, i'm in such a lousy mood for several reasons. One, bad day at work. then more crap happening at the barn (when will it ever end), and when i get home dh and i start talking about this house we have a contract on. It appears that it may not work for a multitude of reasons..mostly the septic tank issue (too long of a story to go into). So now we're on a hunt for another house...with only a few more months (2 to be exact) to go. Then to top things off...we got a freaking letter in the mail tonight from our storage unit in marietta (where we have half our stuff stored at) saying that our unit doesn't have a lock on it. WTF??????????????? well the lock was on it when we last left it 2 weeks ago. So where the heck did it go? And why the **** didn't the place call us instead of sending us a freaking letter?????? They asked us to fill out a multitude of forms with DH and mine work, cell and home number...so what's the point if their just gonna send a flipping letter. And to make it better, the storage facility was already closed by the time we checked our mail tonight, so we can't tell if the letter was sent in mistake or if our lock is really missing...and if so..what about our stuff??? If our crap is stolen i'm going to be so freaking irrate. GOD am i stressed. UGHHHH. Okay..sorry just had to vent. Very very bad day. But i guess it can't get much worse can it??????????????? i don't even want to think about it getting any worse. DH is opening a bottle of wine right now as we speak. So much for my diet today...but i think with the day i've had...i need a freaking drink. Alright all...hope everyone else is having a better day.
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GG ~ what a day! The storage unit sends you a letter??? Makes no sense at all. I hope that it's all a mistake... Go and sit with your darling hubby and drink some wine. You deserve a drink after the day that you've had.
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