30 Something's: Wed. April 11th Daily chat

  • Good Morning Everone

    Well I beat Rooster and RR. Hope everyone is doing well.

    I will have a busy day today. I am seeing a trend in daycare, more and more grandparents are taking care of their grandkids. I look at these women who are 60+ and go man I hope that isn't me. Of course I would do it if I had to no question about that I just can't believe how much of it is going on.

    Hubby coming home today.

    Everyone have a good day and eat healthy I did yesterday and I feel better.

  • morning all...and yes roo i did see your cadbury eggs..but don't worry...there's always tomorrow..hope you made it up by 6

    as for me...i'm back down to 174. Last week i gained 2 lbs due to pathetic eating...well this week i'm back down to 174. so hopefully that will keep me motiviated to eat better. Well going to run now...got to feed the ponies....by all.
  • GG: Don't worry I gained 5 on vacation and I am finally back to where I was before due to bad eating also. One thing is for sure there is always another day and another meal to start over.

  • Mornin' All! Have a couple funnies for ya' in a bit... Gotta do some legitimate work first though...
  • Good morning!
    I weight myself yesterday in the afternoon and I was at 122 Lbs. this morning I get on the scale and I am 124 Lbs. I don't know why I weight more in the AM (I weight myself right after I get up and go to bathroom) and this is consistant I am heavier in the AM and the PM?????

    I have to go my FIL's house to Clean

    Have a great day every one!!!
  • good morning, almost afternoon to everyone!...well, my little guy is home, we brought him home this morning...i have to say the hospital was very gracious with hubby and i being there all night...the breakdown chairs are very comfy!...so he is doing well...eating icecream and popsicles, and a little applesauce....but all is well....i read the posts from the last few days, i will try to respond later...as for my eating...i have barely ate anything, so i am going to try and get some healthy food in me today....i weighed myself and am down 5 lbs but i think alot of that is cause i have been at the hospital and not eating regularly...i am also going to try to run today on the treadmill...have a great day everyone...when the baby is sleeping i will try to check back in...take care...and healthy thoughts for everyone
  • Wow....I don't recognise anyone but Holy, karen, roadrunner, and lauren of course. I know its been awhile. I have lots to tell you but right now I must go to the lil feller's Dr.

    Be back tomorrow!!!
  • Quote: Wow....I don't recognise anyone but Holy, karen, roadrunner, and lauren of course. I know its been awhile. I have lots to tell you but right now I must go to the lil feller's Dr.

    Be back tomorrow!!!
    THANKS GEZZ ~j/k lol
  • OH AND

  • Thanks for checking in girlie!! Can't wait to hear what's new!
  • HI Stevi!
    What a cute baby!
  • hey all..well i did it...i ACTUALLY prepared the day and planned for dinner out. I watched my calories all day and gave myself enough cals for 2 beers and the grilled chicken i shared with DH at lone star. Yeah that is a huge accomplishment. I feel great (well maybe its a bit of a beer buzz lol) but it does feel great to plan for going out, allowing for a piece of bread...and darnit i did say no to the steak..even though it sounded great...but they have this really good grilled chicken with salsa that is also tasty. So other than that i'm well. I have another day off tomorrow (boss gave me an extra day since i work for him while he was on break). So i get to sleep in tomorrow...
    hope everyone else is well
    christian - hope your little one is well
    hi to all else...see ya laters!
  • GG: don't worry about the two beers I am having two also. And yes did the calories for them too.

    Stevie: Look forward to hearing all about you.

    Everyone else I will catch you all on Thursday I have had a busy day and ready to call it quits.

  • Stevie!! Welcome back! (Oh and thanks from me too) I am looking forward to hearing from you as well.

    GG, Congrats on eating within your calories, I know that it can be really hard when eating out.

    Christina, glad to hear that you're back home and doing fine. I would be a nervous reck if my child (I am imagining it) were in the hospital, for any reason.

    Well must go to bed, have a busy day tommorrow.

  • Quote: THANKS GEZZ ~j/k lol
    I hear ya, Michelle. I miss a single day posting and Stevi forgets I'm here too. Yeesh. I think I'll go and cry in a corner now.