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LOL, I'm married to one that was on the "fat boy" program, but not because of his weight, he couldn't do his required pull-ups I'd forgetten all about that lol.

They have programs fitness, and nutrition free for active duty dependents. I just haven't gone. lol I won't lie, I have simply not bothered. Now that I have finally found suitable childcare for at least 2-3 days a week, I can get myself moving, and doing things I should have done a year ago!
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Hi all

Quick update about the bunny All he has left now is a tail. Poor thing. But he was so yummy. Solid chocolate with rice crisps.

G.G - sorry about your day - your car and the puppies. Must be so hard to be a vet sometimes.

Fabricaddict - a new puppy! How exciting. I have two cats myself but LOVE puppies

Melinda - I LOVE puppy breath too. That made me laugh. Thought I was the only one

IrishJoan - Candy, chocolate, whatever - if it's sweet, I love it. My biggest weakness.

Wonderful to see you all.
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WHew - what a day you all have had. I don't have time to respond to everyone personally. So sorry. I am just running hectic trying to get ready for DH's arrival tomorrow. See, I am a slob. A HUGE slob. So, I am trying to make my cramped quarters look presentable. I know he's my hubby, but sometimes he gets frustrated with my messiness. He's made it to Tulsa, but we didn't expect this cold snap and he doesn't have the proper warm gear with him. So he had quite a chilly ride today. He is frozen solid and his hands are red. I'm a bit worried, but he'll be in my arms tomorrow.

Irish - LOL at the cards comments No rage...some people (crazy people ) don't get into baseball. I was at that game you gave away your tickets to. I flew in for the last games of that season before they tore down my old stadium. I also flew in last year for the last 3 games of the new stadium (regular season not the Series). I guess anyone who flies 1600 miles for baseball is a bit of a nut!!!!

Clover - OMG!!! I about fell out of my chair with the bunny. I can only assume he has met his maker by now.

707 - any baby yet???

GG - sucks about the car. So frustrating and expensive. I was driving my boss' car once on a personal errand and backed it into a short wall. I felt like an idiot. He was really nice though. I offered to pay for it and he said his car was dented enough already; another one wouldn't hurt. I still felt terrible. I was wearing these sunglasses (which I blamed my poor eyesight on). From then on he called them my wall-blockers! Not that I am saying you should do the same as he. Just thought it might lighten your day a bit. Too bad about the pups and the momma. Did she pull through tonight? You really give some great advise to all of us pet owners. It's great you don't mind all of the questions. Really sweet.

z - Japan!! How exciting. Good luck with the new puppy. We have always crate trained our dogs just like GG says. It works wonderful, but don't forget to get up and let them out in the middle of the night at first too. It's sleep deprivation, but well worth it when you get a doggie who can hold it.

Well, I gotta run and clean the bathroom. I probably won't be around for a while while DH is here. If I can, I'll drop in. But I'll be thinking of you all. I hope all of you have a great week!!

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