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  • Here's a couple of pics from Christmas...

  • What a great looking family you guys are Pam!
  • Excellent photos Pam! I just love to see dads involved with their kids. My dad is great but I don't ever recall him reading to us. Dads are so much more involved these days. I noticed the Pokemon dvd on the coffee table... is that DS or DD's? My oldest and my youngest are sooooooooooo into Pokemon. Dumbest movies ever.
  • lol at Joan about Pokemon...I know. DS loves it, DD into it a little, she's more of a Hanna Montana girl. DH is an excellent dad...just got back from the playground with them. He was reading "The Night Before Christmas".

    Oh, and thanks to both of you for the compliment. I think they're all a cute bunch too!
  • Pam ~ DH is an amazing father on this end as well. It was freezing cold the other night but he's promised Annie that he'd help her practice roller skating after he got home from work. Sweetest sight to see him out there with a little girl bundled up in pink from head to toe.

    So, what is the appeal of Pokemon? I just don't get it. My 9 year old son and my 5 year old daughter love it ~ can't get enough of it. They begged me to sit down and watch a short segment with them and I swear that I eyes started to glaze over within minutes. Give me Looney Tunes anyday!
  • Funny, JOan...Frankie is 8 & Cadence is 4 & same thing....I don't get it either!! He likes it, and I think she just likes it by default. He loves those dumb little stuffed animal pokemon toys...does your son like them?? They seem to be the most popular, which surprises me because THEY ARE BOYS!!! you would think stuffed animals would be to girly/ young for them, but no. Frankie says all his friends bring them to school & that's what they do a recess. Weird, huh??

    And isn't it great to have a husband who spends time with the kids?? We're very lucky, cause DH is home from work by 4pm, so he doesn't really miss anything. I remember my dad not gettinghome until around 7, and missing most of my games & stuff. Of course, there was a different view of fatherhood in the 70's, right??
  • Pam ~ too funny! Yes, DH loves those dumb little stuffed animals too! The one thing that I have to say that is good about Pokemon is that they're very tame compared to Yugioh. Yugioh is much is more violent and dark. My youngest daughter likes them because her brother does. Plus, she is a tomboy to a certain extent.

    I can't recall my dad ever reading us a story, helping with homework, or playing. He is a wonderful father, just so much more removed than my husband is. What I really love to see is what an example DH sets for my kids. He is so caring and selfless. We're lucky... Have a great day!
  • This is me and my one of my very favorite hobbies

  • Angela, what a cool hobby! And great photos!!!
  • me, and my shadow
    the first pic is my Grandson. He is 5 months old. He has my face, but he wears his mothers perpetual expression.

  • Awwwwwwwww, he is so cute. And that photo of you is so nice... the scenery looks absolutely breathtaking!

    While we're at it, here's my shadows:

    That's Kegan, 2 and Creed, 6.
  • charlie brown?
    Thanks, Check this one out... and tell me he doesnT look like charlie brown.

  • Hehehehe - how sweet! That would be an adorable halloween costume for him.
  • I am the new kid!
    30 something and trying to get this weight off so I can be a better Mamma!

  • Hey girls...all of the kids are SO CUTE!!! Welcome, cincigirl!!