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Working on Weight loss!!!
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Default Daily Chat Thread: Monday April 2!!

Ok Rooster!!! I woke up, threw the clothes in the dryer, made coffee, fed the cats and took a Byetta shot and still beat U to the start of the thread!!!! Have a great day!
PS..I should have took a minute to put on the contacts!! Can't see a darn thing!!!!!
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lol at RR...congrats you were the first one here...i don't think i could beat you or the rooster. Man you get a lot done first thing in the am
LLpen- GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOO GATORS! lol...sorry couldn't resist...and wouldn't it be nice for us to beat them twice...sorry i love Gator sports. It's gonna be a good game tonight. (my best friend is a HUGE buckeye fan...she's origianally from Ohio).
Hey all else...just a i didn't resist the pizza (i mean for pete's sake...what was i thinking salad vs pizza..thats a no brainer)...and man it tasted good. And then DH talked me into ice cream after pizza. So...i have been bad fri, sat, and sun. Time to get back on the wagon and get serioius about this crap. But it was definately tasty. Hope everyone has a good day. Off to get ready for work..bye all.
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Another unproductive day yesterday. I think that's really what I need this week. I did my taxes and got them submitted and tidied up my office a little. I have a TON of filing that needs doing and I really need to clean out the closet and get rid of some stuff. Make 3 piles - garbage, recycle, freecycle - and just get things cleared out. Just need to make the time to do that. Maybe next rainy day.

I ate absolutely horrid yesterday. Well, it's not *what* I ate (except for the chippies) but how much. I just seemed to be eating and eating and eating. Mainly because I didn't want to do anything really productive, I guess. Stupid stupid stupid. *sighs* Oh well. Pick things up today. Maybe go for a walk with my DW when we're running errands today.

Parents are visiting for a couple days and should be arriving later this afternoon. Should be a good time. At least they'll keep me from eating all the time because we'll be out "doing things".


RR -
Hahahahaha. Good show! I'll gladly give you the start of the thread every morning if it means that you're back on here regularly. Given your start time of 5:45 (local time here) I don't have a CHANCE of beating that, even on a regular day. As it stands, I'm a little slow off the gun because I'm on vacation I'll still try and post SOMETHING before the crowds wake up though.

Hope you had a good, but busy, weekend.

GG -
Even YOU beat me. Takes me too long to write these replies, let me tell you. I know, excuses, excuses, excuses.

You found that artificial sweeteners were doing something bad? I've almost completely switched to artificial sweeteners because of a family predisposition
for diabetes, so I figured that it couldn't hurt to limit my sugar intake. I primarily use splenda, but will suffer through sugar twin if I have to.

"hopefully i'll remember that next time i have an "attack" LOL" If you're anything like me, you've already forgotten and are thinking about how good those "two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce cheese, pickles, onion on a sesame seed bun" would be for lunch. Of course, now *I* want one for breakfast!

Hope you had the spinach salad you were talking about, though I probably would have opted for the pizza. [ And now I read that the dark voice whispering all the pizza goodness won! Yay! Welcome to the dark side. And ICE CREAM as well? Way to go! I would have done it too, don't worry. I'm in touch with my inner devil. ]

Christina -
Glad to hear you're feeling better. Keep up the positive thoughts and you'll be back in the groove in no time.

I don't work in the medical field, so it sounds like I'm not only the odd man out, I'm also the odd career out. (I'm in IT Security.)

Lauren -
I did exactly the same thing and then abandoned it. Eventually, I just gave up on it and cancelled it because it was looking like too much work. I think what I like about Facebook is that it's not as flashy/cluttered as MySpace feels. Like I said before, it feels a little more professional. You just plunk your information in, upload some photos, and you're done. No templates or anything like that to worry about. Turns out that I've been able to find people I haven't talked to in over 10 years by searching for graduating classes from the high school they went to! It's pretty awesome!

Michelle from MA -
Welcome to 30 Something's! I'm sure you'll find we'll give the s when you need them and the when you need them too.

Michelle from GA -
Wow, sounds like it's been a rough weekend. My thoughts are with you and I'll send some good energy in your direction so everyone gets well soon. And don't stress too much about your gain. I've been up and down for the last 6 months and while it's really frustrating, you can't do anything but keep going. Just don't lose hope.

Kerri -
Speaking as a "professional" (or "manager") myself, I kinda know where you're coming from. Sometime I end up putting in lots of extra hours to get something done or just working at clearing out a security incident, but don't get paid for it. The flip side is that my team lead is certainly good about letting me take time off when I need it. So, I think it all works out in the end. What I don't get is the never ending trend that companies think that they can keep doing more and more work with the same (or fewer!) employees. Isn't that kinda like saying that the 1 cup measure can hold 1.25 cups? You know what it is, though? The "decision makers" don't believe that the employees are working at 100% (i.e. the 1 cup isn't full) so they can squeeze more out of people. What they're failing to acknowledge is the BURN OUT RATE. Eventually this stuff is going to cause corporate North America to implode. And it won't be the decision makers' problem because they'll be retired or off to a "better place" by then. Short term decisions to maximize shareholder profit.

See? I can rant about this one with the best of you.

Okay, time to start my day. Only took me an hour to reply to this!

Stay Strong, Stay Focused & Stay On Program!

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Good Morning Everyone

I did good over the weekend, I thought. I did have pizza but had only 2 pieces, and they were small pieces. you can eat anything just in moderation so they say . The weekend went by too quickly. I only have a 4 day work week this week so that is nice.

Rooster: Glad to see someone with sooooo much energy already.

Gator: Don't beat yourself up. Honestly I usually take the weekends off from dieting. Now I only take Sat off, but I am still struggling. I am going to try and take away a carb and add a protein for breakfast maybe that will jump start me again .

Well you all have a great day I got to get moving a bit blah monday

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Good Morning! Wow ya'll are so productive in the morning! I'm usually not up until 8:30 - 9:00 but my husband made so much noise getting out of the house this morning I couldn't help but wake up to see what all the noise was about. (lost keys)!

I'm new around here. After a very slow weightloss of 40 lbs I've decided I need to kick things up a notch. Not sure how, and today has started off the same, oatmeal, water, and coffee. I'm going to do some sewing, and then try to figure out where to change things up.

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Hi, remember me? Any of the vets to the thread still out there?

Rooster bout time you got back. I was lurking (more like I only had time to scan posts in the morning) and was worried about you
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Hi - seems all of you are very busy today
I had a really busy weekend again with family meeting at my FiL`s house (his birthday - you remember) and my middle boy went to my parent´s house by train (a 4 hour trip) alone for the first time - but he did a great job by not getting out of the train before his final destination (he wrote the name of the town onto his hand......), my TV plasma set broke last week and I am still waiting for this guy who has to fix it . And I was sitting at the river during sunshine and had coffee with hubby yesterday and that was so great. We went to the theater in the evening and had a drink in a bar then - very very nice The drink (Mai Tai ) was so yummy. I don´t drink alcohol normally so it was such a surprise for hubby that I took a real drink lol. And I was at the gym this morning. Now keep your fingers crossed that I´ll get my TVset repaired this afternoon.........

Gator: As Sheila said: I am easy going during the weekend, too. It´s different from the rest of the week. I am not that healthy living over the weekend - see my drink - but you have to enjoy your life a bit You don´t have to overeat or so but a bit more or fatty isn´t such a big mistake if you´re living healthy during the rest of the week.
Hugs to all of you. Stay healthy. Kirsten
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GOOD MORNING EVERYONE!!! alot of you are up early in the am....i only have a running a little late...i weigh today...i am a bit nervous mostly because everyone (mostly my trainer) is saying i should see a drop in weight this week but i think im nervous because what if i dont? know....well think of me and weight loss...i will check in later today.....HAVE A GREAT DAY!
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Mornin' All!

Kirsten, Hope you get the TV fixed today! Hey, did ya' get any FEEP in after that drink?! How old is DS that went on the train? How brave!

Holy, What's up with you girl? You pop in for a quick hi and disappear. Fill us in what's been going on! How's DH doing?

Z, oatmeal, water and coffee sounds good. Was it plain oatmeal, or the flavored packets?

Sheila, good for you just having 2 small pieces of pizza. We had pizza Friday and I just had one parlor size piece. Usually I have 2, but I was full...maybe I'm doing something right after all!

RX, have fun with the parents and stay busy!!

GG, tell DH he's not allowed to sabatoge you anymore!!

RR, did you have espresso this AM, or what?! Ms. full of energy!

Have a great day all! Think good thoughts for me, I have another interview at 1:00 today!!

PS, Christina, I was working on my post when you posted...good luck at weigh in today!!
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Morning all!

I apologize for being absent these past few days... Last week was Spring Break and we took off to visit my FIL for a few days. My back has been killing me when I sit or walk for any length of time. My chiropractor thinks that I have a bulged disc??? I'm going to see my regular doctor on Wednesday to find out what is going on. So, exercise has been non existent for a week now and I can feel the pounds lurking in the shadows...

Several of you girls have mentioned thyroid medicine??? I think that my thyroid is out of whack and am going to ask the doctor to do a blood test on Wednesday. I'm so tired lately and I'd appreciate any suggestions that you have. My chiropractor is pushing me take an herbal supplement for it but I'm hesitant. He's a great chiropractor but some of his ideas of his are a little wacky. He believes that soy is poison (?) and that fluroride is put into our drinking water in order for the government to gain control of our minds. OK... um... maybe it is time for me to look for another chiropractor.

So, I have to tell you about my FIL's wife. He's 70 and she's 39. Both met at AA 12 years ago and have been together ever since. He's been sober now for 2 years (the longest that he's ever been sober was 5 years) and is doing well. His wife has a really great career and yet she is constantly smoking weed. She goes outside on their front porch and smokes all of the damn time. They live in the country, have a beautiful home, horses, etc., etc... and it just kills me that she is foolish enough to risk all that she has for pot. Both are born again Christians and scripture is everywhere. I can't help but laugh as she goes outside with her bible and is smoking pot the entire time she's reading it. She kept asking me and DH to not say anything to my FIL. It's all this big secret and yet the smell of pot is evident. So, the pot is no where near my kids and yet I have a problem with this. Am I being too uptight here? DH says to let it be.

Lauren ~ best of luck with the interview! Hope that all goes well.

Lawrence ~ enjoy your vacation. Sounds like it is much needed!!!

Gator ~ pizza *and* ice cream... HEAVEN! By the way, my chirpractor was telling me that the stuff that goes into artificial sweeteners is also used as an ant killer???

Sheila / Fabricaddict / Christina ~ hello there!! Have a great week.

Milagro ~ I enjoy your notes. You're always off to the theatre, drinking coffee with your DH or working out. Sounds like your life is a happy one ~ enjoy!

Michelle ~ I was cathing up on past notes and was happy to read about George passing his test. Excellent!!!

Melinda ~ I LOVE your notes!!! Hang in there girlie. What kind of thyroid medicine are you on? How long is it supposed to take for it to kick in?

Hugs to everyone else. Happy Monday ~ Joan
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The TV got fixed
And Irish Joan I love all arts. I was always like this and my friends sometimes laugh and say "Oh yes. Of course she knows this (exhibition, film or book) already" I just love it. Hubby loves art, too. And I am a stay-at-home Mom until next year (probably March 1st) so I hope to get the best out of all this free time
Your FiLīs wife seems to be difficult, Joan. I donīt like these kind of secrets - sigh - I donīt think that you are too uptight. I would feel just the same
Lauren middle boy turned 13 on February 4th so I think it was ok to send him alone (together with his playstation and cellphone) because it is a direct train but he was really nervous in the morning.
The TVset is all mine this evening See you tomorrow!
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Hey All!

I haven't read through the weekend yet, but you know me...I'll be back on here later to respond after I catch up. I should have plenty of time since I'm pretty caught up and have no juries in tomorrow. Only three more days until I'm outta here on vaca! OH! Guess what? I actually hit the gym on Saturday! Granted, it wasn't much of a stellar workout (8 laps around the track fast walking, 5 sets of leg curl, 5 sets of leg extension, 2 sets of abs and 5 sets of shoulder press)...but I got in and did something. Yea! Oh, and I know you're all sick of hearing me get excited over something so ridiculous.... (but please indulge me).... I stayed up until 9pm last night! Of course, there was a great episode of Dateline on and I couldn't go to sleep until it was over!!!

GG: Yeah, ok...just for you: GO GATORS! What was up w/pizza weekend, man? I ate pizza too...that's 3 of us (at my last count)....but only 3 slices and I got the thin crust (I wanted the thick buttery stuff). I have to totally agree with you (and Roo gave you a high five on it too) on choosing pizza over that salad.

Roo: "Welcome to the dark side".... you kill me! Good luck & have fun w/the parental units!

Sheila: High five to you also having a short week! Shake those Monday blues, girl! Get up and just shake shake shake, shake shake shake...shake your ....... groove thang. I often just get up and do a little jig at my desk to break myself out of a funk. Granted, my office mate is used to my goofiness and just laughs...but it might not work in every workplace!

Christina: Hey! Sounds like your energy is back up today!!! Great news. Don't fret about the weight. Focus right now on feeling better each day and keep on keepin' on with your eatin' (proud of you on that, BTW). If your trainer is positive that you'll drop-you will. However, the more you work out and tone the muscles, the clothes will fit better...but the weight might not change as quickly as you would expect (as we know, muscle weighs more than fat). So please don't get discouraged if it's only a small drop. You're doing mahvelous dahling!

Kirsten: Mai Tai's ROCK! I'm more a tall bottle of golden beer w/a lime girl, but I love fruity cocktails once in awhile. That romantic evening with hubby sounds fantastic!!!


RR: WHOA! Lovin' your energy this morning! I'm gonna get me some of that! Oh, wait....I need directions on where to find that energy!!!

Ok all, I've got somethin' weird buggin' my right eyeball (and my contacts aren't in and I have no eye makeup on today) so I think I'd better call the dr....been hurtin' for about 5 days now....

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Joan: Hi little muffin!!! Um, yeah....about the FIL thang. I totally agree with you and do NOT think you're being uptight. I think the whole situation sounds wack! I mean...really really really really really weird! But, I guess since it's your husband's dad....I'd say, if he says let it be...than so be it. But I agree with you...the situation is odd. Oh, I was LMAO about your chiropractor (not about your disc-about his personality). Yeah, he sounds unique too. I mean, if he makes you feel better, just ignore the eccentricities (sp?). But that might be tough.... Did I miss any movement on the housing situation? As to the hypothyroidism jazz-I'm on synthroid 100mcgs. From everything that I've heard from my dr., my pharmacist, my friends, my own research, takes up to 2-3 months before you start feeling any better at all and up to a year or longer before your metabolism starts kicking in the way it used to. Typically after they start you on meds (if your levels aren't w/i the TSH range of .27-4.5) you'll do another blood draw 2 months in to retest the levels. That's where I'm at. I started @ 9.3 and am now above a 5. Ideally they want you to be at a .5. The important thing (from all the information I've received) is that even though you may find yourself in the acceptable range, you might still feel crummy-so a lot of drs. are hesitant to start someone on meds if you're at, say a 4.2. Because maybe your body used to operate @ a 1.9 or in order to feel better, you would want to get back down to that. Unfortunately, there is no test they can administer that will identify what level your body needs to be at for you to feel your best and how much medication will get you there. That's why the numerous blood draws are scheduled and why they have to play around with the med dosages. If you're diagnosed with hypo it will explain a LOT and will be a huge relief for you...but then the next step is almost equally as frustrating. I'm just learning as I go with this monster, but I will always be ready to toss around ideas with you and Christina. We're in this together!!! You said you're so tired lately, but when did that start-do you remember? I am sooo fascinated by this disease. I mean, to think that one little gland regulates the metabolism of every cell in your body. It's just insane to me. Even more fascinating is that they don't really know what causes it to wake up one day and decide: "To heck with this body, man...I'm goin' on strike and ain't gonna work no more!" Melinda
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Good Morning 30's...
I think I may be one of the late morning-ers here.
Melinda You're absolutely right!! What is with the pizza weekend?? Our team had a pizza party. And those who know me know this; I can't resist a party! Wow. It was good pizza!
Milagro Excellent on the TV. We have two. The sound on one is terrible and the picture on the other is equally as bad. We've opted for the terrible picture. Now since my So's son moved in I get no TV time alone at all.
IrishJoan Goodness, your FiL's wife sounds like an interesting woman. It's so hard to know what to say, if anything.
hmrkmom That's alot of being woken up before 6a.m!! I hate getting up that early but I do always feel better if I don't crawl back into bed. Which of course I normally do.
Lauren Good Luck on your interview!!
Christina I hope your weigh in goes the way you'd like it to.
sheila I tend to ease off on the weekends as well. I think for me it's because there isn't the schedule I'm used to. Also because I like darn well like a little bit of pizza from time to time. (to time) hahah
Zephyr Taxes??? recycyling??? You are an inspiration. I will be cool as a cucumber about all that - until three days before I file. Then I will scramble around trying to find this T-2 form or that receipt. Then I will blame everyone else for my inability to run my life as a mature and responsible adult. Yup, that sounds about right.
GG I love it. Perhaps it was NorthAmerican Pizza Weekend 2007!! I hope your team wins! I don't even know what sport the Gators are. Gosh I'm a dork but my heart is in the right place.
RR Nice work on being first one off the start. Generally in life I'm always just kind of hoping I'm not the last!

My weekend:
The soccer tournament was great, the team we played with lost, but my goodness they were good. They kicked the ball and did something I think they're calling passingand running fast. So we learned alot.
Wha!!! period three starts right away and my prep period is over... so everyone have a wonderful day!!! Sooo many games though. I'm still exhausted.!!

Everyone have a wonderfulday

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Good morning to all.

Joan - Glad you're back. Sounds like a real pickle there. Maybe the FIL does know (it's so hard to hide a secret like that from your spouse) but chooses to "not know." It sounds like she traded one addiction for another. But she seems to be good for him (12 years sober). And also, someday your kids will know. I would imagine the smell would linger on her even if she is smoking outside. As for the chiropractor, don't take the herbal suppl. At least not without clearing it from your MD or pharmacist. Even if they are ok to take, I'm sure they would be grossly overpriced from the chiro. Sounds like he's a little goofy.

GG - I am dying for pizza. I am waiting till DH gets here to get my favorite St Louis pizza. Makes me drool Don't worry about the weekend. It's over and done with. You enjoyed yourself, right? That counts for something. Just get the train back on the track this week. All of our trains kinda limp along (I think they must be missing a wheel). Hope you have a good week without too much stress. BTW - I didn't know you could do a C-section on a dog. How are momma and the pups?

MJ - good for you going to the gym It doesn't matter how much exercise. Something is better than the nothing my lazy butt does. I did finally load my bike up into my truck to take it to be fixed. long will it take me to take it to the bike shop?

Milagro - WOOHOO on the TV I miss my plasma. It's in AZ with DH. Sigh...I only have this little 20" TV in my little room in my friend's basement.

hmwrknmom2 - Wow, what a busy morning. Sorry about DD little accident. Not a pleasant way to wake up. Although the icy-hot wasn't good either. Maybe it was the exercise gods way of getting you to see how much better you feel with exercise

Christina - Try not to stay too focused on the numbers. As MJ says, it's more important how you feel and fit into those clothes. Yes, the dreaded muscle > fat. I hope though that you get positive results today!!

Now, I need some caffeine for my headache I didn't sleep well, again. I think I'm too excited to see Kevin (DH). He left about an hour ago. I am nervous for him and the ride.
Off to work now.

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