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A new face is always welcom, WamTam.
Well, it looks like everyone has had a pretty rough day. I just got home from work and am pretty tired. Going to shower and put my weary self to bed before 1am!
Talk to you all later. Tomorrow is a better day.

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hi every one!
I am new at this site, I am having a lot of trouble navegationt it, I posted a couple of messages and I am not finding the later, I have been trying to log on to chat and it doesn't seem to work!
I have been married to Mike for almost 11 yrs. When we fist met 12 yrs ago I was tinny, I was 97 Lbs. I starte to put on a little bit of weight and I started feeling better when I was at 112 Lbs. that was great! I did maitained that weight for a number of years, then I started to gain more and more, I put on weight and I would loose it on and off.
Then we started having a lot of difficulties with my son and I kind of let everything slide and trying to find out what was going on with him, before I knew it I am 139 Lbs. yaiks!!! Hubby and I adore my son, he has been the light of our lives we adopted him when he was not quiet 2 months old, unfortunatly he was a crack baby, he has been diagnoed bipolar.
When I realize how heavy I had gotten is when I realize I became and emotional eater, eating for confort, you know what I mean?
I re joined the gym and I have been going every day for at least 2 hours a day have missed 3 days including today, if I had not miss any days it would be 63 days since I started!!!! Not only I am loosing weight, slowly but I am releasing a lot of stress I feel a big difference!
I can't wait to get to know you! and support each other!!!
Have a great day!!!
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HI, Im new to this thread 30 somethings. I am 33 and 183 pds, at 5.6'. I feel comfortable at 160, so I have 23 pds to loose. At this point in my life, I am wearing a size 16 womans jean, which is the largest I have warn since being pregnant. My comfort size is 10/11. I have been working out doing maninly cardio exercise 5 days a weeks. I bought an elipticle trainer to. I am following weight watchers point system, the flex plan and weight loss is going very slow. I am however, finding more definition in the lower body area. Is it possible that ones metabolizm is soooo sloow that it could be stuck for a few months? I am impantient and want results. I sweat every time I work out and make sure my heart rate is up there at max percent. I love to eat, so cutting calories is almost impossible for me. If someone out there has the same issue, scale stuck at the begining of weight loss with dieting and exercise, let me [email protected]!!! Im not going to give up tho, I will exercise the rest of my life. I now have the "runners high" that they talk about when I do it! I thought of jogging when the 2 feet of snow leave us, we will see..please get ahold of me personally if you have the same problem, or had the same problem. I am ready to consult my MD about this, but Not sure what he would say or if it would be worth going to him...everyone is saying I am prob just building muscle..but I should look like wonderwoman from the waist down my now! Jeans are still as tight as they were before. [email protected] Jenny
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