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LBH 02-23-2007 01:03 PM

30-Something's: Let's discuss our kids!
The good, the bad, the ugly...post it here! :D (No diet talk here, go to the daily thread for that, just kid talk.)

beckins1217 02-23-2007 01:44 PM

I was just thinking about this, thismorning.
I was kinda feeling bad (not really the right word) for those who don't have kids, and really want to talk about dieting.

Thanks for starting this thread :-)

707Goddess 02-23-2007 02:09 PM

I think this is great i'll be back in a minute for more on my kids

707Goddess 02-23-2007 02:38 PM

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OK well i was really hard on myself last year about this i have 4 kids
jessica 17
george 16
angelica 15
james 11
I have one knocked up and one locked up I hope this is the end of it the other two are really good
here they are angel and james
and George from my last visit at boot camp about a month ago

IrishJoan 02-23-2007 03:26 PM

Hey, I like this ~ great idea! I feel funny talking about my kids on the regular thread. I remember how irritating it was B.C. to hear other mom talks about their kids all of the time. I never had a weight problem before having children but between pregnancies and the stress of being a parent.... here I am 70 pounds heavier.

Lauren, what is Peter's diagnosis? Do you know yet? My 8 year old son (Aspergers/ADHD) started out on Strattara and is now on Concerta. Strattara worked great for him for well over a year but, unfortunately, it's charm wore off. He's been on Concerta since a year ago January and I see the same thing happening again.

Beckins ~ give that beautiful baby extra hugs and kisses!

Michelle ~ I like you ... you gotta admire a woman that writes, "one knocked up and one locked up."

I have three kids: Liam 8, Annie 6 and Brigid 4 (we call her Bridie). I look forward to comparing notes, receiving advice and support!!!


LBH 02-23-2007 04:38 PM

I could write a book, but since I'm working a brand new job, and the internet here is s-l-o-w, I'll do what I can.

Peter (1/23/03) is 4 and the only "official" diagnosis he has is ODD=Oppositional Defiant Disorder (8/06). It's as bad as it sounds...google it! :lol: I started to think he might be developing Hyperactivity Disorder since I've been home with him. Then I started reading. Apparently these days they call it AD/HD, even if he doesn't have AD. Whatever. The Neurologist ("N" from now on!) did not say he was diagnosing him with anything, but wants us to have b/w first, before drugs.

Some of the stuff he does:
Runs in circles like a wild man, trying to get out of the classroom at daycare, when things don't go his way. If restrained, tries to kick, hit, headbutt, punch. Often tells me, "You bad mommy!", or "You're a bad, bad mommy!", all while pouting...or smiling...depending on the mood.

Given the right circumstances, you can show him a circle and he'll tell you it's a square...or just deny that it's a circle, with a straight face. Can you say "Oppositional"?!

Peter can also be the sweetest boy on the planet. He will come and give me kisses and hugs for no reason. Tell me, "I love you mommy, you're bootiful (beautiful)". He's very empathetic. Once we were at this huge playground and DH was up on the structure with him and a child somehow whacked his head and was bleeding all over. While everyone else was running the other way, Peter's first response was, "Daddy, is that boy OK?" (He was, he ran off the structure to his parents screaming, I don't want to go to the hospital...the ambulance came and took them away. Get the feeling he spends a bit of time in the ER? :lol:

His favorite thing? Running around naked! (Yeah, that got old fast) Oh, and Thomas trains and Cars cars.

Anyway, #2:
Robby (1/13/05) is 2. Can you say "Temper Tantrum"?! :lol: Oh boy, this kid is a pro! He is my lover though. He would be happy cuddling all day. He is slightly delayed in talking and probably a few other developmental areas, but I think...no I am convinced...it is because he will NOT give up the pacifier ("sucky"). I think we are *finally* done with the bedtime bottle. I guess my fragile nerves are not ready to go cold turkey with the sucky either! But he's only allowed to have it at bedtime, and actually, we've gone 2 nights in a row without it now.

He has been talking a lot more recently, favorite word being, "MONEY!!!" (say it like you're Jamaican, that's "Mommy") :lol3: He uses it with the perfect 2 y/o tone for everything. That and "oh wow". :lol:

I think he'll be an engineer...has always had to check stuff out to see how it works.

Favorite things: Chicken nuggets.

That's about it!

IrishJoan 02-23-2007 06:42 PM

Lauren ~ I know another little boy with ODD. He used to go to the same O.T. as my son. When he'd get upset, he'd bolt out the door and try to run into the street. You are so fortunate that Peter is such an empathetic little boy! My Liam is just the opposite. He *loves* animals but really has no interest in "humans" as he refers to people. He's gotten way more affection though than he used to be. The nicest thing that he ever said to his little sister was that she was a "cute little mammal." He really cracks us up ~ unintentionally;-). Liam dislikes wearing clothes too! The first thing that he does after coming home from school, no matter what the temperature, is change into a cotton t-shirt and shorts. I'll have to fill out the bio sheet this weekend to fill everyone in .... Have an excellent weekend everyone ~ Joan

phantastica 02-23-2007 07:03 PM

MICHELLE - "one knocked up and one locked up" - that's the funniest thing I've heard in a long time!

I was a single (custodial) parent of my only son of sixteen years, but six months ago he moved in with his father.

Up until he was about 12, I thought I was raising a criminal. He definitely exhibited signs of "not-normalness", but they could never pinpoint it as a learning disability, a behavior disability, ADHD, or what. Whatever "it" was, he grew out of it in middle school.

He's not perfect by any means now, but at least the behavior and attitude is in check. He is incredibly inconsistent with grades, often pulling both A's and F's, and never the same grade in the same subject (i.e., some semesters he gets an A in biology, some an F. Sometimes it's an A in math, others an F). In any case, he always participates in class, is well-received by peers and authority, and stays out of trouble.

He's delightful now, especially now that I only see him (much to my dismay) 1/7th of the time. He's pushing 6'7" and I had to buy a different car so he could comfortably fit.

I knew a kid once who was diagnosed with ODD, and when he was about 10 he had a cast on his arm. One night, he woke up and had a bad dream about it, so he grabbed a knife out of the kitchen and CUT OFF THE CAST! I don't know if that had anything to do with ODD, but he sure had a strong will! Delightful kid, though, in many other ways.

LBH 02-23-2007 09:11 PM

Phan, the phychologist that diagnosed my son told us of a child he knew that jumped out his 2nd floor bedroom window because he was being punished in his room. He broke the glass and jumped out. He was OK, and the parents had to install plexiglass, so he wouldn't harm himself again!

Angihas2 02-24-2007 12:12 AM

HI!! My name is Angi, I'm 31 yrs old, currently residing in Kentucky, moving to Arkansas in a week or so, for a year then off to Orange Beach Alabama. I have a wonderful just turned 3 yr old and an 18 mos old.

My daughter Alannah is 3, as of this past January and is wonderfully intelligent, she kind of scares me with how smart she is.

My son, Hayden is 18 mos, and a pistol. Slow on the talking, mainly because big sis says everything for him, why should he talk *eyeroll*. He's huge, ginormous boy is what I call him. He was 24" and 9.11 pounds at birth and the trend continues, he's been wearing size 2T since he was 15 months old. Not because he's fat, but because like mom, dad and so far sis, he's going to be T-A-L-L! He's also very muscular.

Here's a pic of them, just click the link.


wannaBsize7 02-24-2007 01:03 AM

Hey this is a great Idea!!

Like Angi's DD, my DD turned 3 as of January. She is super sweet, and very smart, but a little spoiled I have to say. We didn't think we could have children, and she came along after 7 yrs of marrage, when I was 27.

Her name is Bethany (never Beth, but usually Bethy, she calls herself Beffy) She could spell her name, and was potty trained by 15 months, and could say her abc's by 18 months. I have to admit though that have I slowed down with teaching her over the last year because of the chaos in my life. I really need to get back into it.

Ok, and now about the spoiled part. She is the only child, and also the only grandchild on DH's side, and my sis lives in Colorado, so she is the only grandchild around on my side. So she seems to think that she has the rights of an adult!! We are working on this. She used to get a prize everytime I went into a store. Our new thing is that she has to "earn" her prizes. After she gets 10 smileys, she then gets a prize. It is working!! Sometimes she say's "Mommy, I need a prize reeeeeaaally bad..." When she miss behaves, We have to scribble a smiley out. It breaks her heart.

She gets smileys for things like brushing her teeth, taking a nap, and cleaning up her messes....

This thread was a great idea!!

LBH 02-24-2007 03:59 PM

Christie, LOVE the new pics of DD...she's such a cutie!

Angi, glad you joined us! Your kids are adorable!

wannaBsize7 02-24-2007 10:24 PM

How about a question about puppys? Dh Finally agreed that I can have one of the puppys that my moms Chihuahua had (the daddy is a Chihuahua and pom mix). I need help picking one out. I'm gonna start a new thread and post pics, so yall can help me;)

KarenK 02-25-2007 12:46 AM

Oh, what a fun thread. Good idea Lauren!

I have Alex who will be 4 (OMGoodness!) on 4/24. He can be a charmer, a whiney hiney and boy genius all in the same 30 second span. He's the kid in Karate class who's rolling around on the floor or making faces in the mirror while the teacher is talking. He loves his little sister and always wants to hold her and feed her.

I also have Cassie who is 8 months old. She is a big flirt! Everyone always comments about how happy/smiley she is. She loves her Mommy best right now and it just melts my heart. She will go to her Daddy w/o screaming now, but she keeps her eyes on me and gets so excited when I take her back. I just adore snuggling with her.

707Goddess 02-25-2007 02:27 AM

Kids~ mine gave me a reality check a long time ago and btw george has been diag~ with bi-polar and adhd

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