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hand to mouth disease?
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Default Thanksgiving - is anyone going to try staying clean?

I'm having my parents for Thanksgiving, and I thought I would present SBD legal and some small portions of "must have or it's not Thanksgiving" dishes. Basically, I think they may be on SBD and so we may do a box of mashed potatoes and a box of stuffing and make a bowl of baked green beens and buy a pie and that may be the extent of the "cheater" food.

I figure that even if we cheat a little, it's better to have a taste of mashed potatoes and stuffing and a heaping helping of something SBD legal and not hate ourselves the next day.

I know that everyone's got great ideas and if we all put our heads together...we can come up with some great ideas. The following is from the SBD web site for some reference.

SBD Phase 2 Thanksgiving ideas
Roast turkey = OK
Stuffing = Use whole-wheat bread and add mushrooms, garlic, nuts, beans, or eggplant.
Gravy = Use the pan drippings with the fat skimmed off, and replace cornstarch with a small amount of arrowroot.
Cranberry relish = Replace sugar with sugar substitute (for a recipe, visit the Thanksgiving section of The South Beach Diet™ Online). Those in Phase 2 and beyond can try blending other whole fruits, such as oranges, to balance the tart flavor of cranberries.
Mashed potatoes = Whip up a batch of South Beach "Surprise" Mashed Potatoes (you'll find the recipe online).
Side dishes = This is a great opportunity to boost your take of fresh vegetables. Try roasted green beans with slivered almonds, or saute some spinach with garlic and olive oil.
Pumpkin pie = The South Beach Diet™ Online has a number of clever alternatives, including Pumpkin Spice Ricotta Crème (Phase 1) and Individual Pumpkin Soufflés (Phase 2 and beyond).

What about roasted turnips blended for mashed potatoes...I find the mashed cauliflower to be blech.
I had found once a recipe for pumpkin soup which was very good...does anyone have one that's SBD legal? I have the cutest pumpkin tureen I bought last year.

also, I think a baked apple and cinnamon dessert would be great...some sort of compote or something...something that tastes like pie.

I would love to not blow my diet on Thanksgiving, and especially I DON'T WANT BAD LEFTOVERS!

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