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Thanks guys!!

Pink- It has taken me a while to lose it, guessing I would say probably a year and a half. I have mainly been striving to make this a lifetime change and not a quick fix. I live at home and I don't buy the groceries so I have to make do with what I get. (being from the south where everything is FRIED) My biggest thing has always just been portion and exercise. I have not cut out a lot of the "white" foods but I do not eat a lot of them. I eat mainly chicken and fish and veggies with the occasional potatoes. I'm not a huge rice fan so that really hasn't been much of an issue for me atleast. I also haven't cut out all sugar. I just try to avoid any un-needed sugary as possible. I love to cook so I like to try new things, even though sometimes there not the best choice for me I just eat less of it. You have to learn to make choices you can live with not something that you just torture yourself to get to your goal and then stop. Good luck with the 30DS I just started it a week ago myself and it has helped me drop 4lbs... Good luck! Slow and steady wins the race!

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