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aaaaah. the plot thickens! thanks for the additional info, weebles. my one suggestion for you is to work with your husband - rather than your SMIL. no matter what - if SMIL's diabetes returns, if she regains all her weight - the aging process is occurring, sadly, and her life will end at some point.

and, although she has some degree of control over the way it ends, and whether it's sooner or later, it's inevitable [please accept my apologies if i'm offending you - it's not my intention].

sooo, at some point, your husband will have to deal with her decline - and while we hope it's delayed as long as possible, it's still gonna happen. you have a much bigger role in how your husband prepares himself for this than you can possibly have for your SMIL's choices.

please let us know what your SIL says - we're all just shooting in the dark here.

and we understand COMPLETELY about using food for emotions and anything other than hunger. it's a struggle. and in order to be successful at ANY weight management plan, it's something we all have to deal with. even surgery.

you're always welcome around here!
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