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wow. i am always amazed at the things people do and how they rationalize. and i'm ASTONISHED that her insurance company would allow her to waive the counseling. unless, of course, she's a self-pay.

but that still doesn't get to the problem here - and i hope you realize that, at some point, you might have to step away from her behavior.

some strange things happen with some folks who undergo WLS, especially those with addictions/compulsions. TV has made sure that we all know that some folks start sleeping around, others become compulsive shoppers, and still others crawl inside a liquor bottle. And quite a few return to their original drug of choice: FOOD,

but it's not really about the food - it's about the addiction - and doing south beach isn't going to resolve these issues [even though it's one of the healthiest options for folks who've had gastric bypass].

if only we could learn to substitute EXERCISE for some of this addictive eating and other behaviors - just think how much healthier we'd be!!!

So, IMO, the Q is how do you move an addict to change behavior, especially when they're in such denial?

the only thing i can suggest is seeing if there's something you can do with the STages of Change model - but if someone is in denial, i'm not sure what you can do.

A really good diabetes educator might be able to help - they have to retrain diabetics into changing their eating habits. and believe it or not, it's not about WHAT we eat, but more about HOW we eat - the amount of food we put in our mouths, the way we chew and swallow, how quickly we eat, etc etc etc. and all of this requires that we pay attention to the HOW and that we make every conscious effort to change it.

those folks who say that it takes 3 weeks to make a new habit haven't attempted to change a lifetime of eating habits!!! it takes longer, perhaps because eating and food have such emotional components.

these are just a few thoughts, weeble [LOVE the name!!!]. i hope someone else chimes in -
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