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I just wanted to advocate for Tosca Reno's "eat clean diet" cookbook. I had tried South Beach but found it somewhat difficult at times. I recently joined a gym, and asked my trainer about what the best simple, easily adaptable, whole foods diet to slim down was. She told me the above book. The next day my physician told me the same thing.

I bought it and have lost 17 pounds in three weeks (Alot I know, it wasn't my intention)

The premise is very simple, clean eating, meaning in essence, whole foods. Eat every three hours or so, and eat around 300 - 400 a meal. Each meal is one lean protein and two complex carbs.

For me it looks like this
Early morning smoothie (frozen berries, soy milk, protein powder (not "whole food but my doc insists) and frozen banana blended up.

early snack, apple and peanut butter

lunch usually chicken breasts sauteed with veggies, brown rice

snack in afternoon, hummus and sliced veggies

dinner similar to snacks.

I bought her new cookbook as well and have had a blast with the recipes. My kids love them too. Last night we had chicken fajitas cooked with orange, lime and lemon juices. There was very little leftover because they devoured it.

Anyway, I love her style. You can google her, she has a website and a forum there as well,

By the way, its not low carb or low calorie, its about making good choices. I found it much easier to follow then south beach for some reason (though it actually looks pretty similar)

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