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Default New to forum but not to Atkins

Hi everyone, I just registered and posted on the introductions forum here.

I lost 30 lbs. on Atkins about 20 years ago but then gained 60 lbs. when I was put on medication after I lost a child in an accident 4 years ago. The medication severely altered my metabolism and nothing I did would stop the weight gain so I went off the medication, repeatedly attempted to do Atkins and could not get it to work for me again.

So started researching on the net and trying various things and discovered that unlike 20 years ago, I can no longer use artificial sweeteners like I could in the past and learned that I have to limit myself to 3 packs of splenda daily in order for Atkins to work again. But that's okay...I'm thrilled that I finally got it to work again, after many frustrating and failed attempts.

I've lost 31 lbs. in a little over 5 months and have 29 lbs more to get to goal....back to where I was before I gained the 60 lbs. My dream is to have reached goal by August, when my oldest son is getting married.

I love Atkins and it works for me...because I am not a picky eater, love my veggies and my main problem with diets is being hungry. But that's never a problem for me on Atkins. Plus, I feel fabulous on Atkins, mood and energy-wise. Of course, this time, with the strict limit on sweeteners, a few of the options available to me 20 years ago are out. But that's fine...I'm so grateful to have a functioning metabolism again and living without certain options is not the end of the world and I'm discovering all sorts of delicious ways to prepare all the veggies I love and they are now my new desserts.

So, wanted to introduce myself over here because I'm a very devoted Atkins gal.
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