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I have an LG front loading washer and dryer. My husband and I purchased them in May of 2007. I loved them for about 3 months. We spent about $2000 on both of them. Now I HATE HATE HATE the washer. Black mold constantly grows on the rubber gasket of the door, in the basket where you place the detergent, and lord knows where else in the machine. After every load, you need to wipe down the machine with a rag, and when you are finished you need to leave the door open (a major inconvenience depending on where your washer is located). Once to twice a month you need to run a "sanitize" cycle, which is the hottest water setting, no clothes in the washer, and it lasts an hour and a half (All of these are in the owners manual, but the sales person did not tell us about it.) I'm not sure HOW it saves me money on water and electricity when you have to run that. Also, My towels have started to stink once they get wet, deodorant is not coming out of our shirts, and any stain made by my 19 month old will not come out unless I HAND WASH them first. I spend more time doing laundry then I ever have in my life. I do not over stuff my washer.
We did a lot of research to figure out how to clean out our washer and make our towels smell better. It. Is. Ridiculous. Most resolutions involve washing the towels in vinegar, running them with regular detergent, then running your washing machine empty. When we called LG to complain, they made it very clear that mold meant that I must be a poor housekeeper. I WAS LIVID! and ready to throw the machine out of the second story window. They told me to wipe machine and leave door open (already doing that). and to BUY ANOTHER PRODUCT TO KEEP THE MACHINE CLEAN. This product costs about $10 for three little packets. You run your machine on the sanitize cycle with this special powder and is is supposed to magically clean out the machine. LG recommended doing it every 3-5 days. That would cost me an extra $40 a month. Next they recommended putting my water heater on the highest heat setting. NOT AN OPTION with a BABY! Once again... how on earth is this energy efficient? LG customer service was NO HELP.
We did get the extended warranty from the store where we purchased the washer and dryer. We have called them, and they say they have "never heard of this before." Something I find very hard to believe, considering there is a class action lawsuit against almost all front loading washing machine companies, and as you have pointed out, many people have complained about them. They are going to be out here next week to look at the machine.
I have come to the conclusion that there is an obvious design flaw in home use front loaders. I never remember having this much trouble with a top loading machine. The idea that black mold is growing in something that I need to use almost everyday disgust me. I feel conned because everyone talks about how much money you save in the long run, and so far all it's done is leave me in tears.
One last thing. If you do decide to get a front loader, BUY THE STOOL that goes underneath. The salesman told us it wasn't necessary, so we didn't get it. However, with front loaders, about 3-4 times a month you need to drain the drum. There is a little compartment with the drainage tube is almost flush to the floor. There is no way for us to drain it unless we place a rag in the floor and let it leak out. If we had bought the stool, we could have placed a bowl or dish to catch the water.

The next time we get a machine, it will be an energy efficient top loader.

As for the dryer? Well. it works wonderfully. That's why I don't think it's the brand... I think it's the design of the washers.

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