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I ate three or four more of those Rochers this morning...thank goodness DP or should I say #%&*in'P only bought one box...sorry Ruth...get those things out of the house! and I ate two mint milano cookies...after I ate my on program breakfast.

So, I'm totally with you Ellis. Let's really get going. I probably won't get the the gym today...they close at 1:00pm on Sat and Sun but there is no reason why I can't work out at home...I'm going to do it. I'll check back in later and let you know what I did. Then I'm going to call a babysitter to watch my angel so I can work out at the gym tomorrow.

Now I feel really nauseus...I don't know how to spell that word but you know what I mean...from eating all of that stuff. Yuck!

Lets go girls...lets eat well and keep losing weight!
Love, Soozie
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