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I looked at the range of nutrients in medifast products not including maintenance bars and it was calories 90-100, fat 0-3.5, carbs 9-16, fiber 3-6, sugar 0-10, protein 11-14, sodium 120-420
this helps when you find things that are at the low or high end of the range
totals for all 5 meals should be : calories 450-550, fat 0-25, carbs 45-80, fiber 15-30, sugar 0-50, protein 55-70, sodium 600-2100, and 100% of vitamin RDA

Slimfast creamy chocolate shake mix high protein (this is the powder mix in the can not the ready to drink shakes) - the protein is a little low so youd want to try and get a little extra somewhere else
calories 110
fat 3.5g
carbs 13g
fiber 4g
protein 7g
sodium 130g
15% vitamin a, 45% vitamin c, 20% calcium, 30% iron

The EAS Advantedge shakes are okay too but 3g too high on protein, 7g too low on carbs and 1-2g too low on fiber - but if you had a combo of one of those and slim fast shake youd be about even

EAS advantedge french vanilla/strawberry cream carb control shake
calories 110
fat 3g
carbs 2g
fiber 1g
protein 17g
sodium 260
20% vitamin a, 45% vitamin c, 20% calcium

its definitely a lot of work to figure out yourself, but its possible. I am trying to find products so I can have 2 MF meals a day and 3 replacement meals - I love the MF system but I am a single college student living alone and working full time so if I have to do extra work to save money I will!

also.. you could measure and mix in unflavored protein and fiber powders into stuff
for example if you had 3/4 cup of the healthy choice chicken noodle soup it would be 75 cal, 9.75 carb, 1.5 fiber, and 6.75 protein. add 1 tsp benefiber powder and 1/4 scoop of natures best protein 100% whey powder and it would be 96.5 cal, 11.75g carbs, 3g fiber, and 12.75g protein

1/2 cup of egg beaters + 4 tsp benefiber =
calories 90
carbs 8
protein 12
fiber 6

use the benefiber + heart health for more vitamins
again a lot of work but possible hehe
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