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Default Portable Salad Dressing Packets?

Okay.. I have looked high and low in stores around here for some kind of low calorie salad dressing packets I can keep in my purse. I don't understand why the restaurants around here offer great salads, but NO option for low calorie dressing on it? It's crazy.

My fave kind of dressing is low calorie french. I have found packages with small cups of ranch dressing (but no low calorie!). I don't really like ranch dressing anyway on a salad. The only low cal option in restaurants around here (when you can find it) is some kind of vinegar dressing, which I don't like.

These have got to be out there somewhere? Anyone ever found these? I'm talking those foil packets - similar to a ketchup packet only bigger. I can't see myself carrying around a bottle of salad dressing in my purse. Especially since you have to refrigerate after opening. I just want to put some in a ziploc or something in a pocket in my purse for those times when I have no dressing options.

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Thanks muchly
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