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It's so nice you came back, and caught things when you did.

I completely understand about the exercise thing. I have never liked exercising. I like watching tv, I usually chose it over exercising. When I started this time, I started out getting up at 4:45am to do a cardio tape, and tried to get into running, and strength training. The longer I went, the more I hated it, many days skipping it all together. One day I realized that I have an hour lunch at work, and was perfectly capable of using that hour to do something more productive. I decided I could walk on my lunch, at first just around the block. If I walked on my lunch breaks, regardless of how far or how fast, I didn't have to do anything else that night. If I wanted to go home, make dinner and watch tv the rest of the night, I could because I got my walking in earlier. It worked, I never missed a lunch time walk and slowly started going further and faster. Once I started loosing weight, and getting my health back under control, I started having more energy all day long and wanted to do more in the evenings, so I started adding other stuff in the evenings. I now run 3 miles every other day, walk 3 miles (at 4mph) on my lunch break everyday, walking my dog at least 2 miles a night and light strength training every other day. I also started finding activities that involve movement. Yesterday I did a 4.5 hour hike burning around 2000 for the day. Lots of steps, rockey terrain, inclines, declines, and some of the most gorgeous scenery. It was so beautiful out, it didn't even seem like exercise.

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