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Most pre-packaged stuff is not recommended on South Beach for a reason. Most contain the stuff your supposed to avoid eating and those are some of the things responsible for weight gain and health problems. Like bad fats, simple carbs (especially the ever-present HFCS), high GI foods and lots of sodium. I do buy:
  • baby carrots and pre-cut veggies and salads
  • individual cheese portions (like string cheese but I also find some with Jack and Colby varieties)
  • boiled eggs are easy to do ahead of time
  • V-8 comes in individual servings
  • Oscar Meyer pre-slice deli meats (They used to have a little SB diet approved sticker on them.)
  • Beans are easy to open a can up & eat, especially with a little salsa and cheese on them
  • Canned and frozen veggies are easy too
  • NSA Fudsicle brand fudge bars

Once in a great while, I will use a canned soup, such as Amy's Organic Black Bean Chili. Yogurt on Phase I is plain and lowfat or fat free, so you usually have to flavor it or add sweetener to it. When I cook, I try to always make enough for a couple nights, so I always have leftovers. There's no way you make this WOE work without some food preparation. Hope this helps!


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