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This is a list of things I buy regularly, adjusted for those weeks when I'm particularly low on cash:

Whatever fruits and veggies are on sale - I'll find some way to use them. Also, things that are always cheap: bananas, apples, potatoes, cabbage, onions, carrots, celery, leaf/romaine lettuce, etc.

Lean meats that are on sale, or are marked down because they're close to expiring (I can freeze them if I won't use them that day). I buy the not-so-lean ground beef and drain it really well after cooking. I sometimes buy fattier things like Italian sausage too, and just use less in a dish than I normally would.

Beans - I buy dried and cook them all up and freeze in 1.5 cup portions (the same amount as in a can), but even canned are pretty cheap.

Rice, quinoa, bulgur wheat, barley, whole-wheat pasta, whole grain breads.. whatever grain products I can find for a good price.

Dried herbs and spices - the cost can add up but they last a long time - buy a few at a time as you have the extra money, and buy in bulk if you have the option, it's usually cheaper.

I use broth/stock (chicken, beef, veggie) to add flavor to a lot of things.. I make my own from scraps when I can, but I also buy low-sodium boullion cubes or powder, it's cheaper than buying cans or boxes of broth.

Skim milk, cottage cheese, low-fat plain yogurt (I mix in maple syrup or a low-sugar jelly or honey and fruit).

I really like eating cereal in the morning, so I found one that's a good compromise between value and nutrition - store brand bran flakes.
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