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Default I got fat overnight

I will admit.... I didn't have the BEST weekend as far as this new healthy lifestyle goes. And then I had a burger and fries on Monday. But I've been working out a lot and otherwise eating healthy. I weighed myself today and I was up 5 lbs!!!! What the ****?? I did a cardio workout last night and then lifted heavy first thing this morning. I've heard that you could see a small gain on the scale after a workout because there is fluid retention in the muscles. For some reason I've never really believed that, but after today I really WANT to believe it's true! It's also one of "those weeks" but I'm NEVER up 5 lbs. This has to be a fluke, right??? I'm panicking!! I normally eat SOOO well and I'm really strict about working out so this is really upsetting for me. Any thoughts???
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