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Thanks everyone, I appreciate your support. Yeah I'm off of the pills now, and have switched to a steroid inhalor twice a day. I don't seem to gain weight with that, or at least not much if I gain at all. I am going to see if singulair is very expensive, it's a non steroid pill, and I hear it is great. I will ask to be put on that if possible. I am back to eating healthily, I got so sick after all of that rich food Thursday I thought I was gonna die, thank God for alka-seltzer is all I can say! LOL!

I have started back exercising, and that is something else I was feeling discouraged about. I have one of those Gazelle Freestyle machines, you know the machine that weird guy with the ponytail sells. I can only do 5 minutes on it, and at one point 8 years ago I was walking about 3 miles a day. I am doing the Gazelle 6 times a week, and I am doing free weights 3 days a week, and the 3 days I am not doing the weights I dance for 3 minutes. I am adding a minute to the Gazelle, and dancing tomorrow, so I feel good about that. I have dreams of getting into martial arts, and running a mile, that kind of stuff. I've seen people do it before, and I know I can do it too. I just have to keep from being discouraged. I want to be in really great shape, I mean great shape, dare I dream it? Like maybe Madonna shape? Okay. maybe not so muscular but I want to be in excellent shape for the first time in my life. How much I weigh isn't as much a consideration now, I just wanna be in great shape.

Thanks so much for the boost. I really needed it.
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