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Question Where do I start

I'm 38 and totally unfit, 2 flight of stairs would finish me off. The idea of exercise terrifies me, but I know that it something that I need to do. To help me lose weight and to get fit. I have always been challenged wen it comes to exercise, I'm the kind of person who gets hit with a ball between the eyes while trying to catch it, and was always last picked at team sports. But such is life. My bust also landed at 12 which didn't make school sports any easier. I'm a 38F/G

Where do I start. My goal is to be able to run further than 100 metres without dying.

Time is tight I work long hours, and when I come home I spend time with my children 6 and 12. I can't always get time alone in the house, without an audience laughing and giggling at my attempts at exercise.

Where do I start and how do I build up my fitness.

I was going to use the wii fit, but the kids are on the games when I want to use it.

Any ideas welcome


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