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Velvet, my sympathies. What a crap. How long do have to stay on the steroids, hon? Indefinitely?
Okay, are you exercising? If not, time to get started. Thanksgiving greed is a mistake we all make. It's over, so put it behind you. You know you're going to drop that darned water weight from your period, so that'll pass, too.
The weight gain is nasty, but the steroids are life savers, right?

Did you ask your doctor for any advice re: the weight gain from the steriods? I know it's not true of everyone, but I find that the more I weigh, the worse my asthma is. But I've noticed since I've started biking/jogging/lifting weights, my asthma has improved considerably. Even though I haven't lost any weight yet. So obviously my lungs and heart etc are in better shape than they were.

Okay, so you're going to drop some of that water weight, you're going to get back on track with your eating, and you're going to .... what...? Start walking? A little free weights to replace the fat with muscle?
Sit down and draw up a plan for yourself. Don't get discouraged... you will be all right!! Be positive!!
I am a runner!

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