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I see the SON in Texas
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Talking Thursday Night

Hi Ladies

I'm getting things together here since we'll be away until late on Saturday night. My 'baby' turns 21 on Saturday and wants to go to Shreveport. UGH! So DAD was so willing to say "let's go!!!" So we'll leave at 5pm, get there around 8 or 9 (probably 9 with the Dallas rush hour traffic) and then have dinner.....Chris will be walking in legally at midnight.....can you believe that this is his birthday wish, to be in the casino at midnight????? Anyway.......

CJ ~ Happy belated Anniversary girl. I'm so, so sorry for missing it. I am so bad about looking at the website but will try to make an extra effort to do so from now on, I promise......are anniversaries on there???? And don't worry about that little week, it will be gone PLUS some more.

Sherry ~ yes, I love your images. I have no earthly idea how y'all do it....I'm such a dummy with this computer thingy. So, where DO you get those things???

Hi to everyone else....hope you are all having a great night....have a wonderful Friday and Saturday and I'll be back Sunday. Hopefully, heavy, rather than lighter.
Soaking up the "SON" in Texas

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