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Laurie, here are the numbers from my workout today: approx 1 hour of strength training and 20 mins HIIT.

Treadmill: 20 min HIIT
- 1.67 miles approx 200 calories burned
Only my current weight entered

Polar F6 (worn only while entire workout)
- 617 calories burned
Variables entered in Polar - Current weight + Height + Age + gender

SenseWear (worn all day on my left tricep and throughout workout)
- 566 calories burned
Calories shown here for SenseWear is only from my workout. I uploaded it before and after my workout and subtracted the numbers. Variables entered - weight + height + age + gender

My suggestion would be if your sister does not have enough $$ then go with the HRM for now and use The Daily Plate or something similar to enter her food if she's calorie counting.

I wear my HRM only while exercising. HRM only records data while the watch is started in exercise mode. You can turn the beeping off. If you don't hit start on exercise it will just show your current heartbeat up or down and it won't calculate calories burned.

There is also Go Wear Fit which is same as SenseWear and is owned by the same company Bodymedia.

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