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Originally Posted by nelie View Post
With the Polar, it definitely is only meant to be worn during a workout ... What it does measure is accurate but it isn't like a Bodybugg in that it is meant to measure calories all the time.
Nelie, that's a really good point. When Amanda mentioned something about her calories for the day during a discussion on tabatas, I got the impression that she is measuring her heartrate for the day using a Polar. I can't figure out how to get mine to do that: like you mentioned, it seems to only calculate during a prescribed "exercise" period. If I tried to use it during the day, it'd be beeping all the time because I wouldn't be moving enough for even the "light" sitting. Hmmm....

Thanks for the help, Pinto! I appreciate it very much, and I'm sure my sister would too! I'd be interested to see if the numbers are similar, calorie-wise, on both devices.
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