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Hermit Girl,

Gosh, I really hear ya on the anxiety thing and it's link to overeating. I did that too. I had lots of weeding to do in my life--I had to weed certain people, certain activities, certain self-talk. I basically had to re-priortize (is that a word) my whole life. I also have come to accept me for who I am. There are days (like today) when I have had socialization for days on end. I am TIRED of being social and all it entails. Today is a day I want to be quiet and take care of me--my mind, my heart and have a quiet spirit without it being invaded by anyone.

Good for you to tell your brother you "have to go." I know that anxious feeling when someone pushes you in a direction you don't want to go. Too many times I have stayed on the phone way too long. I am with you now-- now, I "have to go." I am through with anyone attempting to make me feel like I am less than what I was intended to be. I am enough.
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