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Default Going to *eat* my way to Health & Happiness.

I have not been on the forum all summer just about. Now it's the last day of summer , and I'm anticipating my favorite time of year ~ Autumn.

I am not so sure I feel well today. Anxiety. A medium dose of very broadened anxiety that leaves me physically nervous and uncomfortable. I had a nightmare right before I woke up, no doubt the source. Also had an uncomfortable chat with my brother on the phone last night, where I had to just say “I gotta go” because I was feeling criticized.

I just realized, at 5:45 this morning, as I was out peeing my dog, and walking into the dark morning it hit me like a brick that anxiety is the root of all of my problems, especially overeating. (eating too much carbs in particular , being that carbs are the number one ‘feel good’ food, and I obviously self-medicate with that type of food. ) I think before I consider ways of cutting back on calories, I need to better think of ways to cut back on anxiety. Anxiety wasnt’ so present in my twenties, more so in my thirties, and getting pretty grim now past my mid-forties. Hormones, perimenopause, whatever the reason, there’s only one thing to do : Focus on mediation, positive self-talk…. censor negative thought loops, others who are dumping, eat clean and healthful, and exercise myself into happiness. Odd how I haven’t had any good aerobic exercise for almost two weeks, since I wrecked my back two weeks ago doing yoga (it’s getting a little better each day, but is still a real inhibitor of what I can do).

It’s the anxiety I need to pay attention to, and to really push hard on the whole-foods clean eating, pushing for the superfoods! Counting carbs or fats or calories is not the answer, because once I become a better monitor of what goes in my mouth, there won’t be room or appetite for all of that.
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