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I have been on the plan for 5 weeks and feel I have a firm understanding of how the process works: I have lost 11 pounds, (nothing astounding but I am still following the plan instead of falling off and gaining back more than I lost as I have on other programs.) In a nut shell; FLFL is slow, steady weight loss on a program that -if you plan and cook-will consistently drop weight and not leave you hungry or deprived. Yes, you CAN eat your favorite foods however they are MODIFIED: whole wheat instead of white breads/pastas, organics and raw sugars, reduced sodium etc. Now if you are like me and aren't used to organics and that ilk, it is not a problem; I have found there are so many natural products that are great substitutes to the fully loaded butters breads and sugars I had been accustomed to that I was pleasantly surprised. I feel SO much healthier eliminating some of the 'junk' and I have LOST WEIGHT!

The plan asks that you eat often; b'fast, lunch & dinner with snacks in between; snacks are whatever u want 200 cal or less; I eat pretzels, popcorn, brownies, fiber bars; whatever is convenient to grab. An I am NOT hungry-you are supposed to eat every 2-3 hours so if you THINK you are getting hungry; your next snack or meal is just around the corner.

You are to work out, gradually increasing to 5 x weekly. I have NOT been good at this, though I plan to start this week(...AGAIN...) I'm certain if I would do the DVD's that came with the plan, my weight loss would accelerate steps at this point.

Bottom line, it is a sound program that has been the ONLY one I know I can stay on for the long haul. I feel confident I'll acheive my weight loss goals modifying my eating habits following this plan.

Glancing through the forum on 3fatchicks, I have noticed many people that have had alot of great success on several different plans. Obviously, when you find your niche, it's the right one for you. FLFL (foodloversforlife) is mine. Time will tell; I'll keep any one that is interested on my progress updated through weekly entries. In the meantime, best of luck to all that are struggling with weight loss like me! I'm proud of us just for being here, getting started and getting support!!

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