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Good Morning Girls!
I was so out of the habit weighing myself in the morning that I forgot when I woke up, didn't think about it until after I drank a couple cups of coffee. (about a pounds worth). I'll watch it today and weigh in tomorrow.
Karen...Woman cave sounds perfect. How about that pool, nice. Is that a year round pool? I don't know what the climate is in Missouri or how long you can use it but what excellent exercise. Did you sell your Colorado home yet?
I need to get cracking on this plan again. I pretty much have the basement set up with everything I need to make it my "WOMAN CAVE"!!!

Cindy...10 pounds doesn't seem like much but we all know what a lot of work it is. Two pounds lost, one pound gained back and so on.
[QUOTE]my Sept goal is onderland, (10 pounds)[QUOTE]
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