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Hi Harps! Don't beat youself up. Unfornuately the gym is not enough sometimes. As long as your not gaining and your not losing then your maintaining. If you want to lose weight then start eating better to get that process going again.

The weather has been much cooler at night but very humid. You can feel fall in the air.

No big plans for the weekend. DH and I are planning on going Saturday to switch our cell phones from Sprint to either ATT or Verizon. Depends on who we can get the best deal with. I have a list of things I need (want) to get done around the house and I really need to get started fundraising for a trip to South America in January (mission trip with church, cost around $1,000). It's expensive but I may never get to travel like that again so I really want to go.

My eating has been good. I have stayed away from the candy, sugar and bad carbs this week. I have had a few times where it's been tough but overall it's not as bad as I once thought the LC lifestyle would be. DH is enjoying that I cook more and DD is happy because we are eating breakfast together every morning.

that's it from me, what's going on with everyone else?

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