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Hey Alan,

I am glad you inquired! It is definitely not hype. It works, and it works because it agrees with how our body/mind works. I have been a life long dieter (with limited success and then always rebounding). I always knew diets didn't work, but I didn't know what to do. These ideas work with our body to help it do what it is designed to do. I am a music teacher, and as I tell my students when singing...."singing shouldn't be hard. If it is, you are doing it wrong. Your body is designed to sing, we just have to let it have control, instead of us trying to control it. " The same goes for the Gabriel Method. The CD is invaluable, and it is free for download on his website. This in conjunction with 'adding' certain items to your food repertoire will help your body begin gaining control over your weight. Your mind/body has the ability to give you the body you desire. (this is a mantra from Jon himself, and it is absolutely true)

I hope this helps, and in the worst case senario you buy the book, and can't get into it. At least you haven't dropped hundreds of dollars like other programs.

I love it, and hope you do too!

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