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Originally Posted by Sweetcaroline View Post
RAZZ... Poor Mets... I know they are having a miserable season.. But you are a die-hard fan... seems no matter what they do (or don't do) you still support them... Very Very cool... You are a true fan ! Hang in there !!

Believe me, we would love to beat the Yankees for you but I don't think anyone is going to catch them, but we 'will' be playing and beating them in October !
Ah yes thanks. I've been a Mets fan for a long time, so I've been through many brutal seasons. This one has probably been the worst though... just with what the expectations were, plus all the damn injuries. I barely know who these players are that they are playing right now.

Hopefully the Sox (or even somebody else in the Division series) will knock the Yankees out... don't want them in the WS

Whats going on with the Dodgers? I've been avoiding looking at the standings for awhile now, but just saw their lead is only 2 gms? LA playing poorly or just Colorado playing great?

Speaking of Colorado...thats a crazy team seems like they've been alternating being bad and good every yr.
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