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Just to toss in one more opinion - I don't think the verdicts are completely in on cholesterol as a whole yet, anyway. In Europe, Nelie's cholesterol would be treated for being too low (or they'd try, anyway), and there are some studies that indicate low cholesterol contributes to poor cognition as one ages. I'm one of those genetic freaks with naturally high numbers, and yet no one in my family, on EITHER side, has died of heart-related issues in six generations. That being said ... I do my best to eat clean, whole foods, and generally confine my red meat to wild venison or grass-fed and finished beef. And no, my numbers didn't drastically change when I changed my diet. My HDL only responds to exercise, going from high to higher, and my LDL did drop about 10% when I stopped eating factory-made junk. I plan on taking a VAP test later this year to confirm or reject my doctor's theory - that the LDL contains little to no VLDL, and if that becomes the case, I'll be put into a cholesterol study for the long haul (that's NOT funded by Big Pharm or Big Food!). And if we're lucky, in 30 years we'll know the story.
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