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Default FoodLovers is Working 4 ME!

I have been on Foodlovers for 5 days. For some reason, this diet has clicked with me more than any other program. I am not into counting points via WWs or cutting out carbs or doing some home delivery system or eating cabbage soup ...all of which I have tried and I found them to be unsuccessful.

No, it is not rocket science and doctors will tell you over and over again that what 99% of all diets have in common is that they are less than 1800 calories per day and that is why people lose weight...

They KEY is finding a plan that works for you. People's likes, dislikes and preferences are individual. My co-worker loved WWs and lost 40 pounds 2 years ago and is back on it because she gained 50 back. My sister in law did Atkins and lost 75 pounds and is back to low carbing after a 40 pound weight gain..and another work-mate had surgery a year ago and is thin as a rail.

When people find their "joy" or way of eating ...we should celebrate them and their path. Not everything is for everybody.

For me, I hate sweets, always have. But, give me some butter and mayo and I am one happy camper! I love rich tasting food..I love FAT. When I looked at what I was eating before FLs..I realized that I was eating WAAAY to much mayo and skipping meals. I have given up on 99% of the diets I have tried because I never felt "satisfied"...I was always "wanting"...The first two days of FLs I had terrible headaches and getting used to eating every two to three hours was "strange". But, now that I am in day 5, the headaches are gone. This has been the LONGEST..yup..5 days that I have ever gone on a diet without cheating. It may not be a big thing for others, but for me this is a MAJOR accomplishment.

For the record, you can be on WWs and use the FLS system principles to assist with getting your metabolism up and make fat loss plates. The "Living Color" dude as someone referred to him, actually has a Masters in Nutrition. Susan Sommers doesn't have a degree in nutrition but people are successful on her program and I celebrate that. I spoke with the nutritionist at my health care provider's practice and showed her the program. She said it is nutritionally sound, not extreme and she thinks the 21 day program to start with makes sense because it takes 21 days for something to become a habit. She wasn't impressed with the OPTIONAL detox or the OPTIONAL supplements. But the diet plan she said is fine.

Now, it is that time of the month for me and I just could not resist getting on the scale after 5 days to see if ANY weightloss has occurred. I am down 5 pounds.
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