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Default My story

I thought I'd share with readers about one surgery I had and the one I am about to get.
Well, on March 20th, 2002, I had a Breast Reduction. Some of you, I am sure are thinking this is not a weight loss surgery. Well I feel other wise. I was always big breasted and no matter how much weight I lost I never lost any off my breasts and instead I gained it!!!! Yes thats right...they got bigger. I was an overfilled 46dd..maybe even a 48. I really don't know. All I know is that I refused to buy a bigger bra out of embarrassment. Well I had the surgery. A whole 10lbs was removed from my chest! What a difference. I was smaller, perkier, and weighed 10 lbs less. And I went down 10 sizes. My only regret for this surgery is that I didn't get it done sooner in my life. I am 29. For those of you women in here that might be considering it, I have a wonderful sight for you to see that will show you before and after pics of Breast reductions. Also a message board to talk to ladies who have gotten it done or are considering it. .
My next attempt is a tummy tuck. I know this is not a form of weight loss either, but to some extent it will help. I have already talked to my family doctor who thinks I am an excellent candidate and is willing to write my Medical Health a letter for covering the cost. I also have an appointment for December 10th, 2002, with my Plastic Surgeon for a consultation. It's up to him if he will do the surgery or not. He is the same doctor who performed my Breast Reduction. He is an excellent doctor so I feel very comfortable with him. I have what is known as an apron of fat from gaining excessive weight during both my pregnancies. And now I find it very hard to move, exercise, or even find the right fitting clothes and some other medical things. I totally feel that once this is removed, I will be able to acomplish a more better weight loss as well. I would be able to exercise or even walk. I pray every night that he will perform the surgery for me.
Anyways is there anyone else out there who is considering this surgery or someone who has already gone through with it. I would love to hear form you.
Anyways this is my story and Im sticking to it!!!


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