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Default Good morning

It is so awesome to see everyone at the board. It really helps to know we share common struggles with food, plateaus and sometimes the craziness of life. Supper was the best thing on my menu last night. I made a shrimp Parmesan sauce and served it over whole wheat. My whole family need to get back to the whole wheat again. The hard part about that is that is raises my grocery bill quite a bit the healthier we eat as a family. But no excuses. I have over a 100 pounds of wheat in the freezer. I just need to get off my hiney and start making fresh pasta and bread. Most of the laziness has come from bad eating. My energy level and emotions have both taken a nose dive since eating sugar and other "white" foods. The heat level here in Texas hasn't helped much either.

Talitha...I think it's a great idea to have a weigh-in. Having someone else see my failures or successes really motivates me to do better. Once vacation is over I'm gonna start journaling again. I have fit day the home addition and it is very helpful for counting calories and writing down my daily thoughts.

Solly..Sorry that you are having to deal with the shingles. Robert wasn't able to find anything that really helped him. He actually had to take pain pills if I remember correctly and he doesn't take pain pills. Hope you have great weather for your shower. ((hugzz))

Ellen...oh my gosh time flies. It's hard to believe it's been three years. I know I shouldn't be too surprised since Lilly is going to be 4 in Oct. The older we get the faster time gets for sure. Praying the new doctor will be able to help you get your sugar back in order.

Toni...Hang in there. I think there are so many little things that cause us to lose focus or struggle with our weight. For me it's a control issue. There are areas out of control in my life right now and it's showing in my out of control eating. God and I have been talking about it. I know that I know that I need to let go and let God but sometimes that is easier said than done. But no more excuses. Food is not my comfort or my idol so I'm gonna stop whining and eat like I know I should. ((hugzz))

Wanting2b140...hello. I don't believe we've meet before. Good luck on your journey. My original goal was 140 but my body just wouldn't go there. I did maintain 154 for about four years. The last two or so years I haven't been so good but I'm hoping to get back there.

Gonna finish this awesome glass of iced coffee and start my do nothing day. Let's see if that happens or chores happen..LOL Wishing ya'll the best weekend full of love and precious memories. When tempted remember you are worth saying no.

Love and hugs,
God is love!

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